What is Music Therapy? By Dorothy M. Davies, BMT, MA, MTA, NMT Fellow

August 26, 2019 in Life and art, Music and healing |

You don’t need to be a musician to benefit from music therapy. My name is Dorothy Davies and I am an accredited music therapist with advanced training in Neurologic Music Therapy. In this article, I will be answering some common questions related to music therapy, including: ● Do I have to know how to sing […]


Join Mosaic This January for Fun Events!

Enjoy Mosaic’s new events like the Healthy Living Now and The Joy of the Opera series and returning favourites like the Pole Walking Club and the First Link Memory® Café at Mosaic. You can register for Mosaic events by emailing us at info@mosaichomecare.com or calling at 905 – 597 – 7000. We look forward to […]


Slides from our upcoming OSCO presentation showing our community outreach programs designed to encourage social interaction and education

In case you are unable to attend this Thursday’s OSCO’s Overcoming Loneliness and Social Isolation Symposium, where I will be speaking, here is a sneak preview of some my slides showing some of the events held at our resource centres over the last two years and a number of other guests: 


Neil Roxburgh in Concert: decorated pianist returns to hometown to perform fundraiser at St Luke’s Lutheran Church Bayview

October 5, 2016 in Events, Music and healing, North Toronto |

Neil Roxburgh is a good friend of the Hicks/Teasdale family.  The family friendship goes back 50 years.  Neil Roxburgh receiving the Tagore Medal at the Royal College of Music from the Queen Mother Neil is coming back to his roots in the Toronto area to play at St. Luke Lutheran Church to raise money for […]


A musical aside from Kevin Lopes

August 25, 2015 in Music and healing |

We may at times forget how important music is to us all.  It brings joy, health, spiritual awakening and happiness to many and offers a direct route to the person, the soul.  We would like to see music as an important element of any and all systems of care for people of all ages.  The […]


Music Can Heal!

“She told the crowd that our voices are the most important sound healing tool, and that we should sing once a day” In November Mosaic Home Care Services partnered with Revera: Retirement Living & Long Term Care Services to bring a fantastic musical event to Armour Heights Presbyterian Church in Toronto. Revera provided a fabulous […]


A tour of our Wonderful City

“A tour of our Wonderful City…A Guide for Members, Families and Caregivers” As part of our developing focus on lifestyle, activities and entertainment, Mosaic Homecare is pleased to provide its guide to what’s on in Toronto: “A Tour of our Wonderful City…A Guide for Members, Families and Caregivers” Find out more about botanical gardens, organic […]


Twitter round-up, week to 18 May

Here is a round up of some of my more important twitter moments, in date order, on the subjects of care, Alzheimer’s, dementia, life and death and the special individuals who advocate in this area:


Hands off our gold

And another post from Morwenna Given: BIOPIRACY? Hands off our gold! Gold, Egyptian gold, that is what Nestle, a corporate multinational, is trying to control contrary to international and national patent law.


How Music Can Heal ~ by Talia Wooldridge with assistance from Michael Moon

December 9, 2013 in Music and healing |

This is a guest post from Talia Wooldridge, of “Music can Heal”, whom I met at the Music to Care Conference in November at the University of Toronto.   Talia will be coming to the Mosaic Community Resource Centre with some of her colleagues for a musical “healing session” in the Spring: “Music Can Heal is […]

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