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November 26, 2014 in Events, Music and healing |

She told the crowd that our voices are the most important sound healing tool, and that we should sing once a day”

In November Mosaic Home Care Services partnered with Revera: Retirement Living & Long Term Care Services to bring a fantastic musical event to Armour Heights Presbyterian Church in Toronto.


Revera provided a fabulous spread of Greek food which attendees enjoyed, and Mosaic sponsored Music Can Heal to take attendees on a spiritual and musical journey.

clip_image006Jane Teasdale from Mosaic takes a pic with Ann-Marie Boudreau and Iven Simonetti.

Representatives from Mosaic, Revera and guests were taken on a musical journey led by Ann-Marie Boudreau and Iven Simonetti from Music Can Heal.

clip_image004Iven Simonetti playing the Hang drum.

With a display of various musical instruments from all parts of the world, Ann-Marie and Iven mesmerized the crowd with beautiful melodies.

Ann-Marie and Iven played a number of instruments and sang to help transport guests to the beaches and oceans surrounding places like Tahiti, Jamaica, and Costa Rica, or clear their minds in their seats, only with sound. They were able to create such beautiful sounds with instruments that are typically unfamiliar to North Americans like the African ngoni, the Indian tanpura and shruti box, and the Swiss Hang drum. Most importantly to Music Can Heal wasn’t only Ann-Marie and Iven playing music, but getting the crowd involved.


The Music Can Heal event was interactive, getting people in the crowd to participate and shifting the crowd’s energy. Ann-Marie and Iven of Music Can Heal were able to use the sound of instruments and the most important sound of all, our voice, to shift the energy levels of the crowd.

The event started with a very mellow and soft tone with Anne-Marie playing the ngoni and the tanpura and Iven playing the Hang drum accompanied by the lovely vocals of the performers. The energy level in the room was then brought up with the participation the crowd.

The Music Can Heal hosts handed out a variety of small instruments and encouraged guests to participate. With a smile on their face, guests clapped, chanted, and sang together in harmony with Ann-Marie orchestrating the spontaneous symphony. As guests came together to create music, Anne-Marie put a strong emphasis on the power of the voice. She told the crowd that our voices are the most important sound healing tool, and that we should sing once a day. Through music, from both instruments and voice, Ann-Marie and Iven from Music Can Heal were able to show guests the powerful effects of music on the mind, body and soul.

Mosaic is proud to bring the melodies and sounds of Music Can Heal back to the Mosaic community this December. On December 5th, Mosaic will host Music Can Heal at the CNIB office. Mosaic will have Music Can Heal come to the Steeles location a few days later on December the 9th. If you would like to register to our Music Can Heal events, please contact Mosaic to secure your spot:

Email: info@mosaichomecare.com

Phone: 905 – 597 – 7000 (Steeles location)

416 – 322 – 7002 (CNIB location)

By Kevin Lopes

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