The Community Fall Fair and our New Website

September 29, 2021 in Uncategorized |

Welcome to Fall our most recent newsletter,  Mosaic’s New and Improved Website & our Community Fall Fair with Armour Heights Presbyterian Church. We would like to draw your attention to some very important updates with regards to our Fall Newsletter with our many social programs, events, new services and articles.  Our new website includes Mosaic’s […]

Reducing Loneliness for Healthy Ageing, by Tara Keck, Professor of Neuroscience

September 9, 2021 in Uncategorized |

Loneliness and its effects on well-being have gotten a lot of attention lately because of the COVID-19 pandemic and restrictions on social interactions. But what do scientists know about loneliness and its risks? Loneliness can be used to describe many different feelings and situations. Scientists generally think about loneliness as having two linked components. The […]

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