Social distancing is not enough, we also need social networking awareness and much more attention to basic hygiene!

March 30, 2020 in Uncategorized |

As a home care provider working and collaborating with persons with complex care needs, their families and the wider community we are especially aware of the greater vulnerability that many have to the Novel Coronavirus, both young and old. There is a lot of information on the COVID 19 virus: – Some sources say that […]


6th Annual Conference, European Society for Person Centered Health Care (London, UK, February 2020)

Amidst the Coronavirus storm we have managed to piece together a summary of the recent 6th Annual Conference of the European Society for Person Centered Healthcare in London, UK, from 27th to 28th February of this year. Conference Brochure —- What a conference! Speakers and delegates from around the world, and well engaged panel discussions […]

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