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August 25, 2015 in Music and healing |

We may at times forget how important music is to us all.  It brings joy, health, spiritual awakening and happiness to many and offers a direct route to the person, the soul.  We would like to see music as an important element of any and all systems of care for people of all ages.  The following is an interesting aside on music from our very own Kevin Lopes from the Media and Marketing Department.

Music’s sublime properties have an incredible spiritual and healing impact on the human being.

Despite people having different tastes in music, there is often one or more genre that will resonate with you. 

Whether it comes from the smooth sounds of jazz, the symphony of classical music, the guitar riffs of rock music or the rhythm and rhyme of a hip-hop song, music in all of its form has an incredible effect on the human soul.

I recently came upon an artist who’s music is incredibly beautiful. This artist’s music is spiritual, relaxing and tranquil. I would like to introduce you to the incredibly powerful music of the artist Nujabes.

Seba Jun, the artist Nujabes, was born in Tokyo on February 7th 1974, and mixes a number of different genres together into a unique sound. Nujabes music is a mix of hip hop, Japanese music, rap and jazz that produces a sound that is soulful, mellow and tranquil all wrapped up into one.

Nujabes music has the ability to transport you to another place, or to bring you to peace and serenity. Most of his music is instrumentals with very little vocals, although he has also worked with a number of hip-hop artists, with some of his songs having extensive rap lyrics. 

Here are 5 of my personal favourite songs by Nujabes:

1. Nujabes – Mystline
Close your eyes and let this song transport you to a beach or to a misty forest in the middle of the night. An incredible song that one can find peace and tranquility in as it builds up slowly.

2. Nujabes – Counting Stars
Whenever I hear this song, I imagine myself on top of a mountain at night, looking at all the stars in the sky. This peaceful song, with a soothing voice in the background is great at helping to relax, and be at ease.

3. Nujabes – World’s End Rhapsody
My personal favourite song from the artist, it starts off slow and builds up its energy, before it explodes. Always gets me dancing, with its uplifting sound and funkiness.

4. Nujabes & Tsutchie – Sincerely
Uplifting. Whenever I hear this song, a smile appears on my face. A unique sound that fills you with tranquility and brings out joy.

5. Nujabes – Aruarian Dance
Spiritual, relaxing and beautiful. This mellow, soulful song always makes me feel as though I’m sitting by a lake watching a full moon.

Nujabes spiritual, soulful and beautiful music is incredibly relaxing. His unique blend of mixing hip-hop and jazz into a mellow and soulful sound. Unfortunately, Nujabes passed away on February 26, 2010 in a traffic accident in Tokyo. While Nujabes may have passed away, his music carries on his legacy, of spiritual, soulful, and joyful music.

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