Mosaic community outing to the Gibson House Museum – February 22nd, 2017

The trip involved learning about the history of the Gibson family, their home and how people lived in the 19th century. Of course the group had hands on experience on the tour making tasty butter and scones in the 19th century tradition! Mosaic’s field trip to the Gibson House helped the community to understand the […]


A trip down memory lane with the North York Historical Society (NYHS).

In late April Mosaic took a trip down memory lane with the North York Historical Society (NYHS). Mosaic and the community was excited to have long-time North York resident and former president of the NYHS Bill Aird come into our community resource center for a nostalgic presentation. His presentation titled “Memories of North York” focused […]


“Stay-cation” in our City:Toronto!

With August around the corner this is the perfect opportunity to take out your friends and families to explore Toronto. This August take the time to “Stay-cation” with all of the amazing events, locations and scenery that Toronto has to offer.  Toronto has a number of museums for those interested in history, art and science: […]


What‘s up this December in Toronto?

Mosaic Home Care Services is happy to give the Mosaic community our December edition of our “A Tour of our Wonderful City” activity booklet! December is a time where everything moves either very fast, or very slow with the holiday season. With the chaos, and the hustle and bustle of Christmas that comes with gift […]

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