Slides from our upcoming OSCO presentation showing our community outreach programs designed to encourage social interaction and education

In case you are unable to attend this Thursday’s OSCO’s Overcoming Loneliness and Social Isolation Symposium, where I will be speaking, here is a sneak preview of some my slides showing some of the events held at our resource centres over the last two years and a number of other guests: 







Overcoming Loneliness and Social Isolation: Celebrating Best Community Practices Symposium

Hi everyone, I wanted to let you know I will be one of the speakers at this Thursday’s OSCO’s Overcoming Loneliness and Social Isolation Symposium

There is a wealth of experience on a good size panel, each of whom will be speaking for 15 minutes on their area of expertise.   I think this is a must for anybody with older adult family members concerned about their parents’ social interaction and for health care professionals who might want to catch up on where best practices currently stand.

OSCO Symposium as jpeb from pub


Neil Roxburgh in Concert: decorated pianist returns to hometown to perform fundraiser at St Luke’s Lutheran Church Bayview

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Neil Roxburgh is a good friend of the Hicks/Teasdale family.  The family friendship goes back 50 years. 


Neil Roxburgh receiving the Tagore Medal at the Royal College of Music from the Queen Mother

Neil is coming back to his roots in the Toronto area to play at St. Luke Lutheran Church to raise money for the Music Teachers Association which helped and encouraged Neil Roxburgh when he was younger.


The Date:  Saturday October 22, 2016, Time:  3:00 p.m.

Place:  St. Luke Lutheran Church 3200 Bayview Avenue Willowdale – Finch and Bayview Area.

For tickets contact Leslie Duncan at ldduncan@sympatico.ca

18 and Under $15.00 Adults $20.00

The Pieces to be played:


Sonata in B Minor, K87




Six Bagatelles, Op.126


La Cathédrale engloutie

Ce qu’a vu le Vent d’Ouest


Nocturne in C-sharp Minor, Op.27 No.1

Polonaise-Fantasie, Op.61

Neil Roxburgh, a brief bio

Born in North York, Neil Roxburgh’s fine reputation as pianist and teacher has led to a varied and multifaceted professional career.

At ease with a wide range of classical repertoire, from traditional to more contemporary styles, a particular affinity with the music of Debussy and Ravel has earned much praise and recital programmes convey his versatile and often intimate playing style.

Solo and collaborative performances have taken him throughout the United Kingdom as well as to Europe and further afield, with recognition for “finely graded playing” (The Times) and “consummate  professionalism” (The Independent), and he has featured in broadcasts on BBC Radio 3 and Classic FM in the UK as well as some Canadian media. He also regularly appears as guest artist, giving piano recitals on a number of international cruises.

Following preliminary lessons in Ottawa, Neil studied twelve years with Ronald Schmoll in Thornhill and, in 1987, was awarded a major scholarship to study piano with John Barstow at the Royal College of Music in London, England. Whilst there, he received numerous honours for his playing;

the Dannreuther Prize for his performance of the Samuel Barber Piano Concerto was a highlight, and his RCM studies culminated in him being presented with the prestigious Tagore Gold Medal as outstanding male student.

A committed and respected teacher, he has taught piano and chamber music in the Royal College of Music Junior Department since 1995 and currently also holds teaching positions at the historic King’s School in Canterbury and the renowned St Paul’s Girls’ School in London, which counts Gustav Holst amongst its past Directors of Music. Neil additionally gives master classes, adjudicates music festivals and regularly examines nationally and internationally for the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music. He is a long-standing member of the charitable Royal Society of Musicians, and lives in London.


Neil Roxburgh receiving the Tagore Medal at the Royal College of Music from the Queen Mother


Mosaic’s Monthly Feature: September is National Arthritis Awareness Month

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September is National Arthritis Awareness Month in Canada. Over 4.6 million Canadians, adults and children, with arthritis suffer every day. This month we take time to consider what it means to live with chronic pain, and how we can help them. Throughout the month of September, The Arthritis Society encourages people to share their comment about arthritis on their social media platforms. Sharing stories and experiences will help to change perceptions around the disease and improve the fortunes of those living with it. This is a great time to help raise awareness arthritis and help raise the spirits of those who live with it!


Drop by Mosaic’s Community Resource Centre at The Shops on Steeles and Don Mills to grab literature on arthritis during Arthritis Awareness Month. Throughout the month of September Mosaic has information from The Arthritis Society set up outside our Resource Centre. We encourage members of the community to stop by and grab a brochure on arthritis and learn about it. We will have more information inside so stop by and grab what you need!


Check This Out: Doc Mike Evans YouTube Page

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Have you stumbled across the Doc Mike Evans YouTube page?

This great page offers “edutaining” videos on health and wellness that are engaging and informative. Dr. Mike Evans is a founder of the Health Design Lab at Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute, an Associate Professor of Family Medicine and Public Health at the University of Toronto, and a staff physician at St. Michael’s Hospital. His videos provide the latest research fused with useful advice into an engaging, well-illustrated video. Here is a sample of some of his videos.

1. What’s the Best Diet? Healthy Eating 101

Looking to eat better? This video covers it all, from dieting, to losing weight, to healthy eating and to evidence on what works and what doesn’t. Most importantly this video gives practical ways to control your eating and tips and tricks to eat healthier.

2. 23 and ½ hours: What is the single best thing we can do for our health?

Have you ever wondered what is the single best thing you can do for you overall health? This “medicine” that Dr. Mike Evans prescribes a half hour of exercise a day and shows the huge benefits that come with a daily walk, every day. This video might get you to go on daily walks!

3. Quality Improvement in Healthcare

How do we create quality improvement in our healthcare system? In this video Dr. Mike Evans goes into detail on how we need to change our attitude and outlook to improve our health care outcomes. This great video gives practical ways to implement small changes that can have huge health outcomes.

Dr. Mike Evan’s videos are engaging, informative, well-researched and often provide practical solutions. With his YouTube page covering a wide range of subjects, take a few minutes to browse his page where you can find great advice and a wide range of health and healthcare subjects. Each video will keep you engaged with its beautiful illustrations, and well researched subjects. Take a few minutes to browse his channel and his videos you won’t regret it!


Young & Old, Side-by-Side

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What happens when the young and old live together, side-by-side?

Australian television program Dateline ventured to the Netherlands in a mini-documentary called “My 93-Year Old Flat Mate” to showcase a unique arrangement:

In the city of Deventer, near Amsterdam, students are offered a place to live for free in the aged care home Humanitas. In return for free rent, students must spend 30 hours a month with the seniors, helping them with chores, taking them out, and socializing with them. Both young and old offer each other the opportunity learn, share experiences in a unique set-up that helps to create dynamic relationships that nurture inter-generational friendships.

In the documentary we see how each generation benefits from interacting from the other. The seniors get a chance to feel young, sharing experiences with their younger roommates and being involved in their lives reinvigorates them with youthful energy. From gossiping and teasing the students after a night out, to playfully flirting with the students this intergenerational relationship helps the seniors feel young once again. Tech-savvy students also help the seniors navigate the internet and new technologies, helping them understand how to use them. These relationships blossom to the point where the seniors see the students as a part of their own family, even their sons or daughters.

The younger generation also takes away life lessons from interacting with older generation. As the students interact with the seniors they learn to take their lives slow at times, to appreciate the moment. Through interacting with the seniors, the students realize that they are people too with their own experiences, likes and hobbies. The students also learn life lessons like the experience of death but at the same time find a rewarding experience in helping the seniors find happiness as their lives come to an end.

Creating environments for multiple generations to come together has benefits for everyone involved. For the older generations they can find happiness, share what they have learned in life and touch youth once again. While for the younger generations find rewarding experiences and learn life lessons from those who have lived it. It is important for everyone that we become a more open society, providing the opportunities and environment for inter-generational interactions. Everyone, young and old and in between would benefit from it.


Growing the Community, One Walk at a Time

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Mosaic is proud to have started its Summer Pole Walking Club in early July with two wonderful sunny walks at both our locations; the Toronto Office at the CNIB Centre, and the Markham Office at The Shops on Steeles.

As the summer goes on, Mosaic is excited to see the Pole Walking Club as more people from the community join is in committing themselves to fitness this summer. Every week we hope to add another person to our club. Every week we will walk a bit further. Every week Mosaic hopes to grow a healthy community, one walk at a time!


Mosaic’s Pole Walking Club encapsulates Mosaic’s values of passion, compassion, and education. As the community gathers every week, these three values are ever present as we embark on our walks. Meeting every week and dedicating an hour of time to pole walking shows our passion.


A photo of the historic church our Pole Walking Club came across.


Jane and the Pole Walking Club from the Markham Office pose for a picture.


A lovely garden our group stumbled across during a walk.

If you or someone you know is interested in being a part of our Pole Walking Club, contact Kevin at 905 – 597 – 7000 or kevin@mosaichomecare.com. Mosiac’s Pole Walking club will run Thursdays (at the Toronto Office) and Fridays (At the Markham Office) starting promptly at 9:30am. The walk will be about an hour in length, going until around 11:00am. Refreshments will be served before and after our walk. Join Mosaic in growing the community, one walk at a time this summer!

Helping other members out with advice or encouragement shows our compassion. And providing sound fitness and nutrition advice, teaching each other new routes, and sharing local history shows our education. Each and every week we commit ourselves to these values!

Read more…


Summer Pole Walking Club: at both our Toronto Locations….Mid Town at the CNIB and Markham at The Shops on Steeles and 404!

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Join Mosaic Home Care Services and the community every week this summer for our wonderful Pole Walking Club. This fantastic event will be running all summer and is great way to get exercise and make new friends in the community. Last year, Mosaic ran the club successfully at our Toronto Office at the CNIB, where the community would meet Thursday mornings for a wonderful walk through the area. It was a well-received event in the community and this year, Mosaic is proud to have it return to our Toronto Office at the CNIB and expand to the Markham Office at The Shops on Steeles and Don Mills!

Mosaic’s Pole Walking Club is a great opportunity to get in shape, make new friends and be a part of the community. Pole walking is great way to get exercise, especially for seniors. The benefits of pole walking include: burning more calories, engaging the upper-body, reducing pressure on joints, and using more skeletal muscles including other benefits. Being part of Mosaic’s Pole Walking Club is also a great way to make new friends and be a part of your local community. Meeting every week and sharing the wonderful experience of exercising together is a great way to make new friends from your community or enjoy an activity with your current ones. This summer join Mosaic and the community in being physically and socially active through our Pole Walking Club!

Mosaic’s Pole Walking Club will run Thursday and Friday mornings at both our locations throughout the summer. If you live closer to our Toronto Office at the CNIB Centre, join us Thursday mornings at 9:30am for a walk around the lovely wooded areas around Sunnybrook. For those closer to our Markham Office at The Shops on Steeles, join us Friday mornings at 9:30am as we walk around the surrounding area. Each walk should last around an hour to an hour and a half, and refreshments will be served before and after the walk. Make sure you bring comfortable clothing, your Nordixx Poles if you have them, and a water bottle to stay hydrated. Mosaic has 3 pairs of poles to lend out for those curious about how the poles work, and they can be borrowed for the walk. You can join Mosaic’s Pole Walking Club by emailing Kevin at kevin@mosaichomecare.com or calling Mosaic at 905 – 597 – 7000. Mosaic looks forward to helping the community get exercise and make new friends this summer!


June Is Senior’s Month–We would like to raise awareness of Elder Abuse

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With June being Seniors’ Month, a month dedicated to celebrating all the contributions seniors make to our society, all of us at Mosaic Home Care Services would like to bring awareness and attention to elder abuse in our society and the community.

Mosaic is a proud member of the North York Elder Abuse Network, with Jane Teasdale being one of the chairs of the group. Preventing elder abuse is important to all the members at Mosaic to ensure seniors in the community are safe and not being exploited. Elder abuse can come in many forms and it is important for seniors, their family members, friends and caregivers to understand when someone they know is a victim of elder abuse. Identifying the abuse, whether it is financial exploitation, physical abuse, neglect or emotional abuse, can help to prevent elder abuse from happening. For more information on elder abuse, visit Elder Abuse Ontario for more information and resources on elder abuse.

This June 15th was also World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, a day recognized by the UN. The UN recognizes elder abuse as:

“Elder abuse can be defined as “a single, or repeated act, or lack of appropriate action, occurring within any relationship where there is an expectation of trust which causes harm or distress to an older person”. Elder abuse can take various forms such as physical, psychological or emotional, sexual and financial abuse. It can also be the result of intentional or unintentional neglect.” From the UN Website.

According to the UN, elder abuse is underreported, with their estimates ranging from 1 – 10% of cases being reported.

As vulnerable members of our community and our society, we have to do better to protect seniors from elder abuse! This year, look to raise awareness about elder abuse in your community, in community centers, libraries and other places where people meet through education. If a senior you know is suffering from elder abuse, show them or their caregivers where they can find information and resources to help them in their situation. As important members of our community that have been making contribution their whole lives, let’s help those seniors that are suffering from elder abuse by raising awareness, educating, and providing them with resources!


Walk With Your Doc!!

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In May, Mosaic Home Care Services was excited to host one of the most well received events in recent memory:

Dr. Scott Levine, a brain based chiropractor, from the Vita Health Clinic came to Mosaic. Dr. Scott Levine took his “Walk with Your Doc!” talk to both our Markham and Toronto Community Resource Centre’s to re-teach the community how to walk properly.

Dr. Scott Levine’s talk taught the community about the power of proper walking on stimulating the brain and the spine to promote a healthy posture, avoid degeneration and pain in the body and retrain the brain.

The “Walk with Your Doc!” event provided the community with useful information on proper walking techniques and three simple exercises to improve walking.

Dr. Scott Levine started the talk by informing attendees about the relationship between walking, the brain and the spine.

Walking is the best way to activate the brain and activating the brain is good for health while reducing stress.

According the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and other health institutions, 90% of disease are caused by stress and is one of the world’s largest health problems.

Stress affects us in three different ways: chemical stress, physical stress, and emotional stress.

Managing each of these three types of stress is important to our well-being. Another great way to promote health that Dr. Scott Levine mentioned was drinking lots of water.

Only 1 in 20 people drink the recommended eight glasses of water a day.

After describing the importance of stress management and drinking the right amount of water daily, Dr. Scott Levine went into greater detail on how to walk.


Dr. Scott Levine talking about proper walking techniques at the Mosaic Toronto Office at the CNIB.

To learn how to properly walk, Dr. Scott Levine took everyone back to the basics.

He described how babies had to crawl before they could walk, and that the motion they make activates the brain.

Activating the brain helps to create “super highways” in the brain that are good for our health, and these can be created by changing the stimulus to the brain by walking.

Dr. Scott Levine told the community that a proper walking technique involves a cross action pattern, similar to when we crawl, that engages our spines as we walk.

Moving our spine in this fashion is also good for our brain helping to reorganize the brain and activate, stimulate and build those “super highways” in the brain.

To start walking properly, Dr. Scott Levine mentioned to move your shoulders as you walk, as this helps to create that cross action pattern that is good for our spine, and to not hold things in your hands as this restricts our shoulders from moving freely.

After an informative talk on the brain, the spine and proper walking techniques, Dr. Scott Levine made attendees put to practice what they learned and showed everyone 3 simple exercises to help promote proper walking techniques that are good for our brain and spine.


Let’s get moving! Attendees at the Toronto Office learning how to walk properly with Dr. Scott Levine.

Dr. Scott Levine showed attendees three simple exercises to help promote proper walking techniques for better posture and brain health.

These simple techniques can be down for 10 minutes a day, with the hope that they will spill over into everyday walking to get individuals to walk properly all the time.

The first technique looks to get the spine more involved in walking by engaging the shoulders and the hips to create the “cross pattern”.

To start put one foot forward…..Next, lean in the opposite shoulder forward and move your hip as well to engage the spine.……When you take a step forward, alternate your foot forward with the opposite shoulder……Then put your hands in your front pockets when doing this motion to get a better feel of what the movement should be like. It looks similar to an individual walking down a cat-walk.

This exercise is great to engage the spine when walking.

The second technique looks to improve push through our feet when we walk and to get the butt engaged when we walk.

Start by sticking your foot out as if an airplane were to land, then following through and then pushing off with your big toe. This exercise looks to engage the butt and get a better walking stride

The third and final technique looks to improve strength in the legs and calves by introducing a bounce in your step.

When walking, look to extend up when you are at the end of your stride. This bounce will help to improve strength going up and down.

Dr. Scott Levine recommended doing these exercises for about 10 minutes a day to develop proper walking techniques. These three exercises are a simple way to improve your walking to ensure you are engaging your brain and spine while you move!

This summer is a great time to commit yourself to becoming healthier through walking. Dr. Scott Levine and other members at the Vita Health Clinic will be hosting summer walks.

Walks at Vita are every Tuesday at 12:10 and will focus on different health topics, just meet right in front on the sidewalk.

Mosaic will also be hosting pole walking this summer at both Markham and Toronto locations.

These are great opportunities to learn and get healthy at the same time! For more information on the Vita Health Clinic summer walks contact Dr. Scott Levine at 416 – 962 – 2000 or drscottlevine@vitahealthclinic.com. For more information on Mosaic’s Pole Walking Club this summer contact Mosaic at 905 – 597 – 7000 or email Kevin at kevin@mosaichomecare.com. This summer make a commitment to get yourself moving!

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