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My Podcast experience over the last couple of months has been a steep learning curve for me, but each time I do a taping it is getting easier!  I also had input from my colleagues Nathalie Anderson (who listens to podcasts quite frequently), Beth Eshete (Mosaic’s lead on community resources and social engagement) and Christian Teasdale (actor, artist, photographer, podcast producer and editor) and his own recording studio.   

For those thinking of starting a podcast, I suggest you do some research in this area, so you have an understanding.  You may also need to design some artwork for the logo (see ours).   Once you are all set- up with your links and a hosting site it seems fairly easy to manage and upload – thank you to Christian for all his tech work in the background. 

You will also need to invest in a good computer, preferably a couple of monitors and a proper broadcasting microphone, headset and expertise in editing and sound.

The next part of the process is that of interviewing and choosing your guests.  This takes a while as it reinforces the theme of your podcast. 

Some things to consider: 

Have you done the research on your desired theme?    

What type of questions would you like to ask your guest?  This needs to be communicated with your guest prior to the date of taping the podcast. You might also benefit from a pre-discussion with your guest prior to the podcast.  I do this on Zoom and you can decide to tape it if you wish for a trial run.  Mosaic usually provides an agenda and a framework for our guests.

Filming day:

Take some deep breaths; try stay relaxed; make sure your cell phone is in another room; make eye contact with your guest on Zoom and leave some pause between comments to facilitate any necessary editing.  If you make a mistake in a section, make a note and see if you can come back to that point to retape. 

For our first podcast, we were delighted to have as our guest Mimi Lee from North York Seniors Centre  Her role at is Human Resources Coordinator.  Mimi was an easy guest to have on our Mosaic Podcast: I have known Mimi through the North York Seniors’ Centre for the last 20 years.  I refer to this organization as the “Jewel of North York”.

In this Podcast we discussed the importance of social connection through community organizations in your local neighborhoods and of attending social programs, either online or in person.  We also talked about some of the research behind staying socially connected, volunteerism, connections, developing friendships, and intergenerational programs such as their letter writing programs.  We also discussed person-centered care and the importance of implementing this within organizations. 

How do organizations connect with the community and home bound seniors? 

For those interested you can subscribe to our podcast or follow the links below to have a listen.



Stay tuned for our next guest Marta Hajek, Executive Director from Elder Abuse (Prevention) Ontario Elder Abuse Prevention Ontario, Stop Abuse, Restore Respect – La maltraitance des personnes âgées Ontario, Arrêtez les mauvais traitements, Restaurez le respect –

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