World Alzheimer’s Day–21 September

September 22, 2017 in Alzheimer's & Dementia |

This is a late post for World Alzheimer’s Day: it was ready to go but my service provider, for some reason, would not post the World Alzheimer’s Day logo that was included.  So apologies but tech issue got in the way.

Every September 21st is World Alzheimer’s Day across the globe. On World Alzheimer’s Day organizations around the world do their part in raising awareness about Alzheimer’s and dementia. This year Mosaic is doing its part by inviting the community into our Community Resource Centres to pick up free information on Alzheimer’s. Stop by one of Mosaic’s Community Resource Centres to discover what information we have!

Mosaic has a variety of information about Alzheimer’s and dementia available to the community. We have a number of brochures from the Alzheimer Society including information specific to our partners at the Alzheimer Society of York Region and the Alzheimer Society Toronto. You can also pick up a flyer of our First Link® Memory Café and Memory Café that are starting up next week. Mosaic’s Memory Café’s offer a place where people who are interested in memory loss or have early on-set dementia can learn about dementia in a place free of any stigma’s. For caregivers, Mount Sinai Hospital offers dementia support programs from the Joseph Joel Reitman Centre. If you are interested in learning about Alzheimer’s and dementia stopping by one of our Community Resource Centres is a great way to start by picking up information from the Alzheimer Society to review.

Mosaic also carries information on other organizations and services for people with dementia and their caregivers. Not only does Mosaic carry an assortment of information from the Alzheimer Society but we also carry information from other organizations like Memory & Company, Toronto Memory Program, and the Dotsa Bitove Wellness Academy that offer services for people with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Among these great organizations Mosaic also has brochures on day programs that are available to people around the GTA.

With World Alzheimer’s Day here you can participate by learning about the disease. Stopping by Mosaic’s Community Resource is a great way to start!

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