Without our Elders we have no complete community and at Mosaic community is our heart!

May 6, 2014 in Community, Events, Mosaic Updates |

At Mosaic we regularly run community events in our dedicated community space, our resource centre.  We also run events around the city in partnership with similar minded organisations.

Spend enough time dealing with home care and the largest part of our population in need of home care, and you cannot but come face to face with the burgeoning humanity, vitality and spirit of our elder community.  We place ourselves into the beating heart of our community for a reason: to live and to enjoy, and to link what we do to the fullest, to the whole.

I have spent most of my adult working life in the community and I am lucky to have been able to blend community with my daily work.  But what this has allowed me to do is to see the opportunity for each and everyone of us to combine what we do with a higher level of community interaction.   Far too many of us as individuals, let alone corporations, are closed to one another and so, as always, I encourage people to get involved and to become one with each other and the world in ways both small and, if possible, large.

I share videos of two community elders who come to our events for a reason: to show the vitality, the spirit and their awareness of the importance of community and the whole.  It is not they who have received, but they who are giving by taking part and adding their energy, purpose, inspiration and soul to the mix.

So take part and take hold of a part of the whole and watch it grow!

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