Verity Club Events and a postscript on “Caring for our Parents, Today, and Tomorrow”.

Mosaic’s first educational event at the Verity this spring was a huge success!!!. The venue, the presentation, the food and the service was all top class.  This was the first of three events: in April Mosaic will be hosting “Wine, Women, and Keeping our Wits”, and in May, Mosaic an encore presentation of “Caring for our Parents, Today and Tomorrow” with Audrey Miller returning. Unfortunately, these events are “already” completely booked! If you are interested in attending, please contact us and we will be happy to put you on the waiting list.


From Left to right, Audrey Miller, Jane Teasdale and Susan Flynn as a special consultant for the event. 

On a spring evening on March 26th Mosaic Home Care Services hosted the first of three wonderful educational events, “Caring for our Parents, Today, and Tomorrow”, at the Verity Club located in downtown Toronto.

The agenda included dinner, remarks by Jane Teasdale, a founding owner and director of Mosaic Homecare which sponsored the event, and then the headline talk provided by Audrey Miller, Managing Director of Elder Caring Inc. a National Geriatric Care Manager.  The talk as noted above was about “Caring for our Parents, Today and Tomorrow”, followed by a Q & A session.

As the Mosaic team (Pauline, Kevin and Jane) entered The Verity Club, its palpable prestige and history enveloped us in its embrace.  Each step we took was met with a slight creak that seemed to resonate outwards like the touch of a bow on an old violin.  Each room we entered was carefully hung with the most wonderful of paintings and each wall adorned with designs that evoked images of old European charm and style.


After the brief tour of the wonderful venue, the Mosaic staff entered the club’s library, the room that would host our event for the evening. The room was peppered with elegant seats & tables, as well as quaint sofas for members to relax and read. The walls were painted in an elegant shade of purple and orange that gave the room a very unique feel. After setting up the room for the event, the Mosaic staff accompanied by Audrey Miller enjoyed dinner and a drink before the main event.

At around 6:15 our first guest had arrived. As each guests arrived they were given a glass a wine, and asked to find a seat. Guests, Audrey and the Mosaic Team were all happily  mixing and mingling, and then dinner was served. Following dinner and an extra serving of wine our the guests were seated.  


Jane Teasdale introduced Audrey Miller who then dove into the meat of her presentation “Caring for our Parents, Today, and Tomorrow”. In the presentation Audrey discussed questions that needed to be asked when looking for care, and other complications about our aging parents. After Audrey’s insightful and wise presentation on the complicated journey to make sure our parents receive the care they deserve, the floor was open to a Q & A session.  Both Audrey and Jane took questions from the attendees. After a few more minutes of mixing between everyone, the event wrapped up at around 8:30, with attendees, by all accounts, leaving armed with more knowledge and insight than when they arrived. Photos from the event can be seen on the Mosaic website.

Mosaic will also be hosting more educational events in the fall on the same topic so stay tuned!

And more on The Verity Club….

The Verity is an exclusive and historic, women’s-only club, that The Wall Street Journal describes as “An old boy’s club for women”. The club offers opportunities for business women to network and socialize with 55,000 square feet of amenities that include meeting rooms, a spa, fitness facilities, a restaurant with a top rate chef, and its own hotel, the Ivy. Its Chef, Chef Lorenzo Loseto in 2014 “earned Canada’s top culinary title as the gold medal winner at the Canadian Culinary Championships.”

The Verity, located in a restored 1850s chocolate factory along Queen Street East, oozes history, class and culture. It was a perfect venue to host a relaxed mix of professionals, colleagues, and other attendees.

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