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Dear Readers to our Mosaic Blog.

March is here at last and we appear to be getting closer to resolving many things COVID. Canada and especially Toronto has had a slow start to vaccinations but vaccine availability is now improving – that was then but this is now, fingers crossed.

Mosaic has participated, over the last few weeks and months in the many Zoom calls held for health professionals. We have engaged actively with the LHINS, community groups, Ontario Health Care teams and hospital IPAC units. We have aimed to stay on top of all things COVID including the latest information on vaccination rollout and registration for our front line teams, our clients and family members.

There are still too many loose ends and unanswered questions:

  1. Mosaic has been pushing, under the auspices Family Funded Care Partners Alliance, for all community PSWs and nurses to receive vaccinations.
  2. How do those without computers register for a vaccination, especially the older adult who may rely on others for their advocacy and support? Can a home care agency or a PSW register their client if the client doesn’t have anyone to do this?
  3. There are many home bound seniors who will not be able to get to the designated vaccination points.  Other countries have provided at home vaccinations and so should Toronto Public Health .
  4. What about Family Caregivers, will they be able to get vaccinated irrespective of age?

At the end of the post we provide a list of resources and links about registration and vaccination from a number of different hospitals across the GTA.

Updates from hospitals and the Toronto Public Health will be provided to the communities on protocols with regards to proper Personal Protection Equipment, social distancing, protective masking and handwashing. 

Mosaic Home Care will continue to do our part in providing resources and information to our Mosaic families, clients, staff and community.

Stay safe and socially distanced and “Roll up your Sleeves for the COVID-19 Vaccination”  And stay tuned for our next blog from our Mosaic Client Services team and responses from our caregivers receiving the COVID-19 Vaccinations.

Finally, we know that there is some vaccination hesistancy across our communities. We believe that taking the vaccine is a monumental social and moral responsibility. Over the last year and a bit many families have been left devastated by the virus itself. The impact of COVID extends to the social, emotional and economic consequences of the world-wide response to the virus. If we decide not to get vaccinated we not only increase our risk of contracting COVID but of passing it onto others and of incubating and passing on a mutation. If you have concerns and are worried about vaccination then please contact your doctor or your local hospital for direction.

COVID Resources and Vaccinations updates from March 5th, 2021

North York and Mid-town

North York General


Downtown Toronto

University Health Network: COVID-19 Vaccine Information at UHN

East GTA

Michael Garron HospitalOnline booking for COVID-19 testing | Michael Garron Hospital, Toronto East Health Network (MGH/TEHN)

Scarborough Health Network: COVID-19 Vaccine Information – Scarborough Health Network (



Humber River:  Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information and Booking – Humber River Hospital (

North GTA

Simcoe Muskoka:

York Region:

Toronto Public Health:

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