The Information Sheet on our recent award from the European Society For Person Centered Healthcare

Mosaic Home Care & Community Resource Centres: AWARDED THE GOLD MEDAL OF THE European Society For Person Centred Healthcare for its Person Centered, Community Focused Model of Care:


Mosaic is pleased to announce that it has recently been awarded the Gold Medal of the European Society for Person Centered Healthcare at the Society’s Annual Conference and awards held in London, the UK, in October of this year:

From the ESPCH: “The Gold Medal and its associated Certificate are awarded in recognition of your substantial contribution to the development of home and health care issues in the community and thus to a development of the person-centeredness of care when developing relations between healthcare professionals, home care providers, not-for-profit agencies and other important services providers that are needed to provide the wider levels of support often required by those in need in the community.”

At the conference Mosaic presented on its unique person centered care service in a talk titled ““The Meaning of Me®”: a Canadian blue print for addressing the complex whole that is the person at the centre of the community based homecare services model.”

From Jane Teasdale:“Mosaic’s blue print for Person Centred Care extends the notion that care based services should be implemented collaboratively with the individual and their families to one that also embraces the voice and the rich habitat of the mind and the being of the person being cared for.  It is one that is also especially sensitive to the importance of community, the person’s place in the community and the wider dynamic that encompasses a person’s many dimensions of being. ” 

Mosaic’s model of care looks to integrate for profit and not for profit community services and supports for home health care and to encourage a wider community involvement:

Mosaic has set up and funded community resource centres that combine both educational and fun events for individuals in need of care and their families with information on the many supports and services available in the community. It operates two resource centres across the GTA. Its resource centres provide socialisation opportunities for individuals, help for families and family caregivers, social integration of seniors within the wider community and the building of relationships with many service providers and businesses in the community.

“The Meaning of Me®”

Drawing inspiration from the Joseph Rowntree Report “A Better Life – What older people with high support needs value”, “The Meaning of Me” addresses the needs of the individual outside of the medical and support lens of the homecare model and develops a framework in which caregiver and client, family and client and ultimately the wider community and client can establish a richer set of conversations, relationships and connections. The Meaning of Me® is a journey of potential for the individual to reconnect with themselves, their interests and where possible their communities.

“The Meaning of Me®” closed the loop that Mosaic started with its community resource centres. It reached out to the community and drew it in and then reached out to the people in need of care and drew them in.

Mosaic has set standards and promoted the importance of community, person centred care and the importance of addressing the individual at the centre of care to individuals and families and the wider service and professional community. In so doing it is introducing new models and benchmarks of care.

Recognised as a best practise leader at home and abroad

Mosaic is recognized as a best practice leader in homecare services, and especially so in the way it addresses human values and social and community interaction..

Some Mosaic quotes regarding the importance of person centered health care in the home care model

“Looking more deeply at person centered care has allowed us to look beyond standard models of care, and their assessment processes, to areas that may also have impact with respect to the client’s physical and mental well being to greater extent; addressing typically “non care” areas, for older adults where complex care needs impact being, may well be of critical importance to the person in raising the quality of life otherwise achieved from outcomes limited to nursing and personal supports. “

“As providers of longer term home care service based relationships, that include a great many older adults with complex care needs, we also believe we have a responsibility, as gatekeepers of our specific environ, to address the importance of the person, outside of the typically defined care relationship, as a being rich in meaning, history and creative potential. We are especially aware of the gaps in care that relate to the person as a being of meaning and as a person existing within a wider community“

“To address the impact of gaps, especially those associated with loss of social interaction and reduced engagement in interests, activities and communities, we may have to be creative. “The Meaning of Me®”.”

“We know that loneliness and isolation can have quite dramatic impacts on health, for older adults, yet a healthcare system that does not address these issues somewhere along the chain of care does risk impaired health care outcomes.“

“Home care is one of the furthest points along chain of care that you can get for the older adult and occupies an important space in the care continuum, dominating essentially large parts of the person’s space and time.”

“Importantly the home is especially relevant to aging in place dynamics and community interaction and is therefore much closer to the personal centered care dimensions of the mind and community. It was this proximity to community and place, engendered by our long standing belief in the importance of community towards aging in place and age friendly communities, that helped gather our minds’ eye on “The Meaning of Me®” as an important interface to the person that we care for.”

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