Picture of Nathalie Anderson and I receiving the Award of the Gold Medal of the European Society for Person Centered Health Care


“The Gold Medal and its associated Certificate are awarded in recognition of your substantial contribution to the development of home and health care issues in the community and thus to a development of the person-centeredness of care when developing relations between healthcare professionals, home care providers, not-for-profit agencies and other important services providers that are needed to provide the wider levels of support often required by those in need in the community.”

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We would like to thank The European Society for Person Centered Healthcare for recognising the importance of person centred community focused models of care to those many individuals in need of care, their families and their wider communities.

We would like to thank our clients and families, our caregivers, community partners and members, and our dedicated staff, for the inspiration we have drawn from them. 

We will use this award to encourage others to work together to push the boundaries of care and the ways in which we can all address the many dimensions of care needs and personal identity.

To have been invited to speak at the Society’s 4th Annual Conference for these two days in October, and to have been able to listen to those who are passionate and knowledgeable and share the same ideals of person centered care, has been an honour.  

Thank you.

Jane Teasdale and Nathalie Anderson

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