“Loss Love and Laughter” and “Alive Inside-The Film”

April 14, 2014 in Alzheimer's & Dementia, Life and art |

I think the defining characteristic of humanity, on the positive side at least, is the human spirit.  It is only the human spirit that can rise above the many hardships of existence.  But it needs succour, and it is the music and the art and the shared experience and the relationships, that help colour our lives, that bring out the heart and joy in what we must never forget is a miracle.  Life!

So I would like to refer readers to two instances of that succour, that aim to awaken the energy and the force in the spirits of those with dementia and those coping with friends and family members with the same.

I would like to refer readers to an inspirational website and blog, “Lovelossandlaughter.com”, and a recent post from Elder Caring’s blog, “Alive Inside-The Film” which discusses among other things, the film “Alive Inside”. 

How can providers of care help bring out the heart and the joy in those we care for and by doing so unlock the same in ourselves?  I think this is an important question because we must all realise that we are on the same journey. 

I would like to think that we in tandem with our new joint venture partner, Elder Caring, will be looking to expand the universe of this shared experience.  And, of course, we welcome all travellers, those who can carry and those who need to be carried, on this journey.

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