June Is Senior’s Month–We would like to raise awareness of Elder Abuse

June 17, 2016 in Elder Abuse & Awareness |

With June being Seniors’ Month, a month dedicated to celebrating all the contributions seniors make to our society, all of us at Mosaic Home Care Services would like to bring awareness and attention to elder abuse in our society and the community.

Mosaic is a proud member of the North York Elder Abuse Network, with Jane Teasdale being one of the chairs of the group. Preventing elder abuse is important to all the members at Mosaic to ensure seniors in the community are safe and not being exploited. Elder abuse can come in many forms and it is important for seniors, their family members, friends and caregivers to understand when someone they know is a victim of elder abuse. Identifying the abuse, whether it is financial exploitation, physical abuse, neglect or emotional abuse, can help to prevent elder abuse from happening. For more information on elder abuse, visit Elder Abuse Ontario for more information and resources on elder abuse.

This June 15th was also World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, a day recognized by the UN. The UN recognizes elder abuse as:

“Elder abuse can be defined as “a single, or repeated act, or lack of appropriate action, occurring within any relationship where there is an expectation of trust which causes harm or distress to an older person”. Elder abuse can take various forms such as physical, psychological or emotional, sexual and financial abuse. It can also be the result of intentional or unintentional neglect.” From the UN Website.

According to the UN, elder abuse is underreported, with their estimates ranging from 1 – 10% of cases being reported.

As vulnerable members of our community and our society, we have to do better to protect seniors from elder abuse! This year, look to raise awareness about elder abuse in your community, in community centers, libraries and other places where people meet through education. If a senior you know is suffering from elder abuse, show them or their caregivers where they can find information and resources to help them in their situation. As important members of our community that have been making contribution their whole lives, let’s help those seniors that are suffering from elder abuse by raising awareness, educating, and providing them with resources!

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