Have questions about medication and its safety? “Home Care Rx” presentations at our two GTA locations are here to help

Mosaic Home Care is happy to provide the community with the opportunity to talk to, and listen to Consultant Pharmacists Lisa Sever and Danielle Caron of Home Care Rx.

Mosaic had Home Care Rx to our Shops on Steeles Markham Office on April 14th and they will be presenting again at our Bayview CNIB Toronto Office on May 7th. Interested in attending this event? Contact us to register for this event and others at Mosaic!

Medications help people keep healthy, preventing disease and helping to control symptoms. At times, however, medications can be harmful. During the presentation, Lisa and Danielle will talk about medication safety strategies like keeping an up to date medication list, key questions to ask, situations that increase risk, and the importance of an annual medication review.

As we age, we may find ourselves with more health issues than when we were younger. From general physical, to heart, to cognitive, sleep and other issues, seniors may have to deal with more health issues than any other time in their life.  Prescription drugs are often a way for our physicians to treat and deal with these issues.

Of course, prescribing medication requires attention to detail and is a trial and error process to determine the right amount for that particular patient, regardless of their age. With seniors, this becomes even more sensitive.

Senior’s dealing with multiple issues and multiple prescriptions need to be extra careful and take extra care with medication safety.

  • “Can I take Medication A if I have taken Medication B?”
  • “I have to take Medication C before Medication D, but do I have to take it after Medication A?”
  • “What about managing all of that medication?”

These are serious questions that people, especially seniors, need to consider when taking multiple medications to stay safe, and make sure they stay safe.


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