European Society for Person Centered Health Care, 5th Annual Global Conference, 6th to 7th December 2018

Nathalie Anderson and Jane Teasdale attended the European Society for Person Centered Healthcare conference in London (UK) where Jane was a Keynote speaker. Jane presented on community integrated models of care and addressed the barriers, tools and opportunities for meeting the social and emotional needs of persons with complex care needs living within our communities.



Mosaic is recognized internationally as a leader in the development of person centered care that addresses the social and emotional needs of the person and the importance of their many relationships with their community.

Person centered care has many layers and is much more than just “treating the person nicely”, or personalizing care needs, although these are indeed aspects of person centeredness. The importance of addressing social needs and providing accessible opportunities for engagement in interests and activities within our communities is being increasingly acknowledged as important to health. Research shows that health, well-being and life expectancy can be significantly impacted if we limit our focus to the clinical and personal supports while ignoring the person and their social and emotional needs.

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