Chartwell Retirement–”Spread the Warmth Day” in the Community January 22nd, 2014"

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Last week on January 22nd was “Spread the Warmth Day”, a national event for all Chartwell Retirement Residences across Canada.  I am pleased to provide comment from two members of Staff at Chartwell describing some of the many good deeds that were done that day.

From Dina Campeis General Manager at the Avondale Retirement Home:

On what seemed the coldest day of the year thus far, staff from several Chartwell retirement residences in Toronto (and across Canada) took to the streets on January 22nd to ‘spread the warmth’ by doing random Acts of Kindness. 

While there were a few people who steered clear of the strangers giving out hot chocolate or free TTC senior’s bus tickets, most were pleasantly surprised and accepting of a helping hand or a warm cup of coffee.

The acts of kindness ranged from volunteering to serve meals at an outreach lunch, to dropping off fresh baked goods to staff and volunteers at hospitals, EMS, Meals on Wheels, as well as shelters and seniors community service agencies.  Envelopes with invites for a meal and packets of hot chocolate and apple cider were given out. 

All told, hundreds of seniors in Toronto, and thousands across the country, were the recipients of these acts. 

What was provided by: Chartwell Retirement Residences: 921 Millwood, 4 Teddington, The Guildwood and Avondale

Each property sent out a group of people to help out in their communities.  What was done was unique to each and it was a way to offer a bit of kindness for no reason at all or to thank those who have helped at the residences (volunteers, families, community influencers etc).

Total number of meals delivered: 115 (this included 30 loaves of freshly baked banana bread that was delivered to a shelter (Red Door), a school where our volunteers work, some stores on Queen Street. 

Also includes meals delivered to seniors who can’t get out of their homes that we had addresses for.  25 dozen cookies delivered to Toronto EMS and fire fighters and TTC who helped during the ice storm at The Guildwood in Scarborough.

Total ‘Acts of Kindness’ cards given out: 745!!! (includes over 100 free cups of coffee or Tim Horton’s cards, seniors bus tickets, packets of hot chocolate and meal invitations) – done near subway entrances, banks and randomly such as at a medical building or Loblaws.

Total organizations visited: over 80  and Churches visited: 21

And now from the north part of the city, the North York & Thornhill Chartwell Residences we have comments from Lauren Shoom (Lansing): 

Yesterday was a very busy day for Lansing, Gibson and Constantia.  It was Chartwell’s first Community Blitz Day, a national event designed to bring the warmth of Chartwell residences to seniors and influencers in the community.  We distributed branded “warm-up packs” including tea and hot cocoa packets, cookies, and our Guest Stay information, as well as Tim’s cards, to seniors and adult children at Centerpoint and Fairview Malls, and Sheppard Centre.  We delivered cookies and packs to North York Seniors Centre, Downsview Services for Seniors, Bernard Betel Centre, Prosserman JCC, and many other seniors’ gathering places.  We also visited multiple hospitals to connect with social workers, CCAC coordinators and seniors of course.  We definitely covered a lot of ground and connected with many, many people!

To the Chartwell Residences and staff, thank you for your kindness,generosity and community spirit. 

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