World Alzheimer’s Month Comes to an end…………..

October 1, 2013 in Alzheimer's & Dementia, Community, Events |

Yesterday marked the end of September, but it also marked the end of the second global World Alzheimer’s month.  The Theme of this month was “Dementia: a journey of caring” and an important report, “ Journey of Caring: An analysis of long-term care for dementia” was launched to coincide with this awareness initiative:

“The World Alzheimer Report 2013 ‘Journey of Caring: An analysis of long-term care for dementia’, reveals that, as the world population ages, the traditional system of “informal” care by family, friends, and community will require much greater support. Globally, 13% of people aged 60 or over require long-term care. Between 2010 and 2050, the total number of older people with care needs will nearly treble from 101 to 277 million.

Long-term care is mainly about care for people with dementia; around half of all older people who need personal care have dementia, and 80% of older people in nursing homes are living with dementia. The worldwide cost of dementia care is currently over US$600 billion, or around 1% of global GDP”

Mosaic together with the Alzheimer Society of York Region held an Alzheimer’s Coffee Break, to raise money for the Alzheimer Society, on 18th September.    

Jonathan Macri from the Alzheimer’s Society of York Region was there to provide information on programmes and resources available.  Mosaic provided the coffee and refreshments in a Cafe setting. in the centre court, at The Shops on Steeles & 404.  Mosaic staff, including one of our caregivers, served coffee and refreshments on chequered tables with French music playing in the background.  We even had some of our own clients turn up for this event.  

Coffee Break is one of the Alzheimer’s Society’s annual fundraisers where many individuals and businesses across Canada raise funds for their local Alzheimer’s Societies.  People are free to make a donation for their coffee or refreshments, to talk and to find out more about Alzheimer’s and the Alzheimer’s Society.

For more information contact your local Alzheimer Society in your community.  Or contact http://alzheimer.ca 800-879-4226 or www.alzheimer-york.com or call 888-414-5550

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