What does it take to create a healthy and active community?

August 26, 2015 in Community, Mid town, Mosaic Updates |

Leadership, organisation and individuals willing to work together to develop activities that get people involved.  In this case, Mosaic Home Care and its Resource Centres, Nordixx Pole Walking and our many other event sponsors, for example Living Life on the Avenue and Canterbury Retirement Residences who have provided refreshments and snacks.


Since the start of July, every Thursday morning Mosaic Home Care Services has been hosting a “Pole Walking Club” at the Toronto Office, at the CNIB Centre.  This has been an overwhelming success, with Jane Teasdale & Kevin Lopes from Mosaic leading members every week, and welcome appearances from Greg Bellamy of Nordixx Pole Walking Canada. 

The group meets up every Thursday morning around 9:30am: activity guests are treated to coffee, tea, and light snacks. Once all of our members have trickled in, we get together and go outside. The group then spends 5 minutes warming up, loosening their muscles and light stretching.

Once the group has completed their warm-up it splits up into two groups. Jane takes one group onto the gentler and shorter walk for beginners and those who appreciate a less strenuous walk. Kevin and Greg will take another group on a slightly more challenging walk.

Both groups return to Mosaic offices at around 11:00am, where there is usually light snack or drink waiting before they go home.

The Pole Walking Club has been blessed with great weather so far. Every day has featured sun, and a light breeze. With the amazing scenery that is available to us around the area of the CNIB Centre, the walks feature beautiful views and make for an entertaining walk.

With the summer providing a great opportunity to be active Nordixx Pole Walking is a wonderful way to get moving. Alongside Mosaic’s Thursday morning walks, Greg of Nordixx Pole Walking Canada also hosts walks Wednesday mornings at 8am and on Saturday mornings at 10am.   For more information on these other groups, contact Nordixx Pole Walking Canada at 416 – 528 – 3129.

For more information on Mosaic’s Pole Walking Club, visiting our website or contact us to find out more! 



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