Welcome to the Mosaic Team Kimberly!

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Tuesday July 21st, 2015

Jane Teasdale and Nathalie Anderson, directors and principal owners of Mosaic Home Care Services & Community Resource Centres, are extremely happy to introduce you to Kimberly Davies who is to take on the newly created position of Managing Director.

Mosaic’s brand of person centred, community focussed home care has seen strong appeal across the GTA and York Region over the last 5 years. Last year we opened our second office and community resource centre in the mid town area (CNIB at Bayview) and we are preparing plans for a third community presence.

In line with the successful growth of the company and its services we have been looking to add expertise and experience to the Mosaic management team to aid in our transition towards an established provider of high quality integrated home care services. This is where Kimberly fits in:

Here is Kimberly’s message to Mosaic staff and caregivers, members and family and the wider community which Mosaic serves:

Destiny: after 8.5 years working with a leading retirement company and close to a lifetime of customer service & marketing in the hotel business, I am very happy to finally become a member of the Mosaic Team!

I have known Jane & Nathalie for over 8 years and we have worked together on many a special project and at numerous outreach events together. I’ve always admired their determination to help improve the lives of others. Joining Mosaic is a natural fit for me given our shared values: our wish to improve the lives of the families we serve; our passion for helping seniors especially; our compassion and our respect for all in the wider community.

Mosaic is well known for its commitment to well resourced, organised and managed oversight of its home care services. Its client services team is recognised for the delivery of exceptional service that exceeds the expectations of the families they serve.

One of my key roles as Managing Director will be to work closely with the client service’s team to help maintain and enhance delivery and oversight of both Mosaic’s core homecare services and its new and innovative service offerings to Mosaic’s growing community base – note the Lifestyle, EC+ and other service enhancements. Fully understanding the needs and lifestyles of our families and their loved ones and keeping up-to-date with changes to those needs and preferences is central to our ability to support both the care we provide and the persons we serve.

In conjunction with our Mosaic RN Community Nurse (Catherine) I will also be overseeing our new member assessment process to ensure we are organising the right care and support to be in the right place at the right time. Given Mosaic’s strong community focus and belief in community interaction, I will be working closely with the Marketing team in representing Mosaic to local hospitals, retirement residences and community partners. Being able to incorporate community relations and marketing into my role is also key reason why I have chosen to work for Mosaic.

My role at Mosaic allows me to fulfil my purpose of helping seniors, enriching the lives of others and helping families deal with challenging life & health situations. I know that Mosaic serves a wide range of age groups and family groupings from new mom’s with their first child to seniors with more complex care needs and I look forward to the pleasure of working with every one of them.

I like to embrace every person and every situation individually. I like to think that we can reach out and bring people into our Mosaic hug. Everyone needs help from time to time and everyone needs a hug!

In all, I am proud to be a new member of a growing Mosaic Team. I look forward to speaking with you perhaps over a coffee in one of our Community Resource Centres.”

Welcome to the team Kimberly!

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