Welcome to Mosaic Home Care Services’ new Registered Nurse!

September 20, 2015 in Community, Mosaic Updates, Nursing |

At Mosaic we believe in high standards of care and rigorous oversight of that care. 

Nursing expertise is a central cog in our service delivery from the initial assessment of new members in need of care, to the oversight of our PSWs and RPNs and the provision of training to our front line carers, to liaising with our client services team and geriatric care management professionals (see our Elder Caring Plus service) as well as public engagement in our many community events.   

We would like to introduce you to Catherine Evelyn RN who joined the Mosaic team in July:


And here is a personal message from Catherine:

On my first day at Mosaic Home Care I was welcomed with smiles and open arms.  I immediately knew this was where I wanted to be.

Compassion has always been a key component during my 20 year career as a Registered Nurse. This new family at Mosaic houses a team of caring, compassionate, knowledgeable and client centred individuals.

I have been blessed with a well rounded career in Medicine, Wound care, Surgical pre and post op, Mental Health and Addictions, Diabetic teaching, Palliative Care and many more areas associated with Nursing.

I hope to bring to the Mosaic Team presentations both in house and in the community regarding issues that affect our Members in dealing with and understanding the daily complex need of caring for our loved ones at home. How we can manage living our Best life at home without feeling isolated and forgotten. I will also be training staff in areas that they may need help in or for a wider knowledge base on providing the safest and optimal care to our Members.

Mosaic represents the Respect and Compassion that I work and live by every day. I am fortunate to be a part of this wonderful family and look forward to sharing my knowledge and expertise.

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