THOUGHTS ON GIVING THANKS at Thanksgiving (By Dina Campeis)

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Every year around this time, we start to think about Thanksgiving. For those working or in school, it’s a much-appreciated long weekend. For many, it’s a time to gather friends and family together and share in a feast of turkey, gravy, roasted vegetables and, of course, pumpkin pie! And, for others, it’s a reminder of family traditions that may no longer occur but are fondly remembered.

It is a time to Give Thanks. Thanks for all of the small things in your life that happen daily as well as the big things. Thanks for the sunshine and warm breeze on a fall day. Thanks for the transit system that gets us around safely every day. Thanks for the 3pm cup of coffee that keeps us going! Thanks for a charged cell phone that lets you connect to people 24/7. And, thanks for the (traditional) end of work day at 5pm. Not many would think to give thanks for these small things. We tend to think bigger – good health, good friends, positive family relationships, a roof over our heads and financial stability.

Maybe it’s time to rethink what it is that we are thankful for. Let’s go back in time to when our parents and grandparents were young. Did they have an indoor bathroom? Running (safe) water? Electricity? What about a fridge? A TV? A car to get you to the grocery store and back? A computer with internet, and email? And ATM machines! It was not so long ago that people did not have these. Now, we can’t imagine life without them. When you give thanks about these modern conveniences, think also about our elders who may not use them and offer assistance when they may need help. For them, writing a cheque is easy, online banking, not so much.

Many years ago, the Salvation Army, was one of the few agencies that provided much needed help to those in need. They had Thrift Stores and food boxes for families in need. My grandmother was a recipient after her husband died at age 41, leaving her with 4 children to feed and clothe. So I am thankful for the Salvation Army and all of the other agencies of today that provide services to those in need. You can never know what kind of help you will require, be it financial, medical or otherwise.

As a home care agency, Mosaic provides help in many ways to those in need. In addition to providing health and homemaking supports in the home, Mosaic also provides free social programs for seniors at two Community Resource Centres. We are currently knitting Twiddlemuffs to donate at our knitting groups. But there are all kinds of programs to be able to participate in the community and meet new friends.

In keeping with the theme of Thankfulness at this time of year, consider donating (supplies, time, money) to an organization that offers programs that are close to your heart. If looking for a way to help those in your community or look for services in Toronto, here are a few organizations that may be of interest:

Call Mosaic Home Care at 905.597.7000 to inquire in to programs and services.

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