The month of June is seniors’ Month and this year’s theme is Vibrant Seniors, Vibrant Communities.

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Celebrate Senior’s Month by Spending Time with Seniors.

The month of June is seniors’ Month and this year’s theme is Vibrant Seniors, Vibrant Communities.

As we age we naturally endure an increasing degree of physical and cognitive change that may make getting around increasingly difficult: crossing lights and subway doors that are too quick and winter sidewalks that are dangerous are some of the many things that can get in our way.  We may also start to lose important parts of our social framework, our wives, husbands, friends and family.  These are two of the most important reasons for an increasing risk of isolation as we age.

The other reasons are the way in which our increasing physical limitations become the frame in which our value as human beings are judged, the way in which people deal with us, and for many the financial limitations on remaining actively linked with the world. 

As we prepare for summer it is important for all of us, seniors included to think of how we as a community can increase our interaction and our understanding of each other.  Institutions, businesses, and individuals all have a role to play.  With years of wisdom, experience, and knowledge the seniors in our communities have a rich history and a continuing and valid contribution to make to our society.

Whether it is sharing wisdom about work, a career or a job, to sharing the experience of what it was like seeing the Toronto Maple Leafs winning the Stanley Cup, or the secret technique and ingredients that makes grandma’s apple pie stand out from the rest, the information and stories that seniors share with us should be cherished and passed on.  Additionally, older adults still have a need to engage, contribute and create, so the engagement should not stop and start with stories of the past but should also be about building the future.

Sharing time and knowledge with others is important to all of us so let us become more engaged as a community, both young and old through social interaction and other avenues.

                This June is a great opportunity to celebrate the seniors in our lives and in our communities. So take time this June to show our appreciation for the past, the present and the future. There are a number of easy ways to do this. Spending time with your grandparents, volunteering at a seniors community centre are fun and rewarding ways to engage with seniors. Take the time to treat your grandparents to lunch or dinner, and ask those questions about their lives. Take the time to volunteer at a community centre at a senior event and take the time to interact and socialize with the seniors at the event. The social interaction between seniors and other generations can be a rewarding and unique experience.

                Mosaic Home Care Services is also doing its part to celebrate seniors this June. On June 5th, Mosaic will be hosting a “Senior’s Café & Luncheon” and Seniors’ June Jamboree! The afternoon will be filled with Music, activities such as Brain Gym organized by Canterbury Retirement and music by the  Music Can Heal musician. Lunch and fun sponsored by Mosaic Home Care. 

  On June 16th, The North York Elder Abuse Network along with a group of other community agencies from the Bathurst-Finch Hub   will be hosting an event called Join Hands to Support The Rights of Seniors! A Multi Cultural Awareness Event.  This is in keeping with the World Elder Abuse Day Celebrations all over the world!    The event will focus on how to protect the wellbeing and safety of elders, and will be hosted in English, Korean, Russian, Farsi, and Tagalog.  Door prizes, complimentary lunch, education, music and fun.  Also a chance to meet and socialize with your community agencies and friends.   For more information and to register for these event please review our website at www.mosaichomecare.com or  contact jane@mosaichomecare.com or call our main number to register at 905-597-7000 or 416-322-7005. 

Jane Teasdale & Kevin Lopes

Mosaic Home Care Services & Community Resource Centre


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