Spring Cleaning Help From SAINTS!

April 19, 2017 in Uncategorized |

Need help getting your “spring cleaning done this year? Student Assistance in North Toronto for Seniors (SAINTS) can help you get your “spring cleaning” underway. Here is information on how SAINTS can help!


Welcome SPRING! Time to tidy!

Now (we hope) the last of the snow has fallen in Toronto, it’s time to look around and think about spring cleanup. Whether you live in a house with a large garden, or have a small garden space on your balcony, there are probably chores you wish you didn’t have to do to get ready for the summer weather. Or perhaps you look in your closets and think it’s high time you donated some of those unused garments to a resale store. SAINTS workers can help you!

SAINTS (Student Assistance in North Toronto for Seniors) has been working in the North Toronto community since 1978, helping seniors (and long or short term disabled adults) with the basic maintenance chores needed to keep a home running smoothly. Our workers are high school students, who gain experience, earn a little extra cash (or volunteer hours) and bring a fresh perspective to the lives of their senior friends.

Our boundaries are Highway 401 to Bloor Street, and Bathurst Street to Bayview Avenue.

If you live in this area, give us a call and see how we can help you—or call us anyway…we love to chat, and can direct you to other programs which help in similar ways across Toronto.

Our phone is 416 481 6284, or you can reach us by email at saints@look.ca

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