Philippines Typhoon Disaster Fund

November 19, 2013 in Uncategorized |

Many of our caregivers are from the Philippines and because of this we have taken a much greater personal interest in this human disaster.

When your own employees may be directly impacted by a human tragedy on the scale of that seen in the Philippines you realise just how close are the bonds between our global communities. 

We started out by trying to find out if any of our caregivers and their families had been directly affected, and then to see what we could do to help in cases of pressing personal family distress and have been able to provide direct help to some of our caregivers.  

Beyond this we have contributed to the Philippine Disaster fund of a recognized Canadian Charity. We will continue to monitor the situation and express our most sincere concerns and wishes, in line with all Canadians, for the people of the Philippines.

We attend a great many events in and around the GTA and are presently looking to see what we can do to help raise further funds at many of these events.  At the heart of much caring in Canada lies a great many Filipinos and a great many Filipinos are now in need of our help. 

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