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March 26, 2014 in Special Services |

I met with Tina about a month ago.  She provides a wonderful service for busy professionals, like myself, who may need some assistance.  Below is how this organization can help you!

From ModernConcierge.com – www.modernconcierge.com

Are you trying to find out how to organize your life, but you just can’t seem to find the time to get everything in order? If so, you may need a personal concierge – a dedicated professional that can get your life back on track and take care of your smaller needs so that you can focus on the big ones.

Simplifying Your Lifestyle

It’s hard enough to keep things on track when you’re focused on one major job, never mind things like getting maintenance for your car, finding babysitters when you’re suddenly called in, or getting everything cleaned up before guests come to visit. If you have commitments that are taking up your time and energy, then you need to take a deep breath and take control of the rest of your life.

Increasing Your Productivity

When you figure out how to organize your life, stress-relief won’t be the only benefit you’ll see. In fact, many people who’ve obtained the help of a personal concierge have found that their productivity goes sharply upwards as they’re able to use all of their time more effectively. This is especially true for busy professionals who are juggling busy work and family schedules.

Creating Flexibility

How much do you think you could accomplish if you had just a few extra hours in a week? You could potentially focus on revenue generating tasks, or enjoy time with your kids, or elderly parents that you don’t see so often anymore. You could even enjoy some alone time to reboot your brain and unwind.

Managing Your Home Life

Freeing up your time usually starts at home. A personal concierge can work with the companies in your area to find the services that you need the most – and we’ve worked with the very best in the Greater Toronto Area to create a network of support that you can rely on to keep things in order.

Cleaning? Babysitting? Specialized care you need an expert for? All of that’s available, and you have the added bonus of hiring them through somebody who actually understands how to make sure that their services match your needs.

Emergency Assistance

When you figure out how to organize your life, chances are that you’ll be able to keep things in order – but do you really want to face a challenge like a major injury on your own when you could get professional help instead? Whether the task is big or small, emergency help is just a phone-call away – and you’ll be glad you have it if an emergency happens right in the middle of your biggest project.

About Modern Concierge

By now, you’ve seen how having a personal concierge can make all the difference in your life – no matter how busy you are, chances are that we can help free up some hours to give you peace of mind.

We believe that you should have time for the smaller yet important moments in your life, even in the midst of huge projects and looming deadlines, which is why each of our solutions are designed specifically to minimize the amount of effort that you spend on getting things done while you are enjoying every moment of your life!

Modern Concierge


And a gentle reminder for the services Mosaic offers

If you are needing assistance in helping a loved one in the home, Mosaic can also be there to help in this case. Mosaic is community focused, Canadian owned, non-medical and medical home care company serving people of all ages and needs in the GTA, whether in hospital, at home, in a retirement home or long-term care facility. Mosaic is happy to provide service. Visit our Community Resource Centre or meet us at one of our community events held year round. Our Community Resource Centre links you with many different community based services and provides regular seminars on a wide variety of subjects. Review our website for more detailed information http://www.mosaichomecare.com/

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