Our April trip to the Royal Ontario Museum..our next trip is this week, 29th July!

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The following is a brief summary of a recent trip to the Royal Ontario Museum organised by Mosaic’s marketing team as part of its community outreach program.  Mosaic operates two community resources centres in the GTA and York region.  These centres provide families with information on a wide range of services and resources for older adults.  They also provide a number of monthly activities and events to encourage socialization amongst older adults within our community.  The ROM visit is one such event: 

On a Friday in late April, Mosaic Home Care Services & Community Resource Centre, along with Amica at Bayview, took 14 lucky members of our community on a special & unique trip to the Royal Ontario Museum in downtown Toronto.

The tour was hosted by Dawna Pym, a long-time supporter of Mosaic’s community outreach. Dawna had previously hosted two events at Mosaic, focusing on “Fashion: Through the Ages”, and would lead our group in a tour and very special classroom exercise.

The group met up at 9:00 am inside “The Shops on Steeles”, and waited with excitement for Kimberly from Amica to arrive to pick us up. Once Kimberly and the bus arrived, the group quickly got themselves seated, belted in and ready to go!  We arrived at the ROM 15 minutes before opening. Once Dawna arrived, we gathered together and our tour began.

Dawna took our group on a brief tour, examining clothing throughout history. We started our tour in ancient Egypt. Dawna explained ancient Egyptian clothing styles, from the simple cloth used by slaves, to sandals, and more complex clothing worn by higher castes in Egyptian culture. On display were sandals, ancient Egyptian cosmetics and other clothing.

Following on from Egyptian fashion, Dawna focused on local Native American cultures, and their fashions. Dawna took us to the Native American exhibit where she focused on two cultures, Inuits and Métis. She explained how the Native American’s would craft their clothing from animals, and specifically using every piece of the animal in the process. From the hides being turned into leather, to the ligaments being turned into sinew, both of the Native cultures used the animals in creative and amazing ways.

Following the tour of Native American cultures, Dawna brought us into the classroom for a unique class experience where our group were able to get their hands on historical pieces of clothing.  Our group split up into smaller groups of 2-3 people and sat down at a number of tables. On each table there was a piece of historic clothing. We put on gloves and carefully examined the detailed, and old clothing. As each table got their hands on each set of clothing, Dawna walked around to each and explained and described what we were touching. After Dawna concluded, our tour ended. And we were off downstairs to Druxy’s for a wonderful lunch before we got on the bus back to The Shops on Steeles, after a wonderful trip.

This amazing trip is just one example of the many events that Mosaic hosts. Mosaic commitment to our community, through our resource centre and our events makes us unique from other home care agencies. You can find more events that Mosaic hosts here. Stay tuned as Mosaic gets ready for more wonderful events and trips!

The Mosaic marketing team (Jane, Kevin and Mala) will be taking another group from Mosaic Home Care to the ROM on July 29th, 2015

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