November may be “Falls Prevention Month”, but the time, effort and the fun is all year round:

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November is Fall Prevention Month across Canada. Here are a few things you may not have known about falls: Did you know that falls are the leading cause of injury among older adults? During Falls Prevention Month t we encourage you to share falls prevention information with the people around you, especially the older adults in your community!

Anyone can be a victim of a fall. However as we get older, the risk of falling becomes greater. What causes a fall? Falls can be caused by poor balance, decreased muscle and bone strength, and unsafe conditions in and around your home. Falls can be prevented by making adjustments in your home and lifestyle, keeping yourself healthy and fit, and using devices to help keep you safe. A great way to start making adjustments is using a checklist to help you identify and remove hazards around your house. You can find a great falls prevention checklist’s online to help you get started on making your home safer.

Exercise can help with falls prevention and help keep seniors independent for longer. Regular exercise for seniors can lead to better strength, flexibility and balance, all if which is important in preventing falls and in maintaining independence. For seniors who are looking to exercise it is never too late to get started, but seniors must be aware that there are both benefits and risks involved with exercising at an older age. It is important to talk to your doctor about what you can and cannot do for exercise and to ensure that you have an exercise program that is especially tailored for you. But for seniors who have concerns about falls, an exercise program can help them prevent falls and keep them independent for longer.

With falls prevention being so important to the health of our seniors in the community take time to learn what you can do to help raise awareness about falls prevention this November.

Some useful community resources

You can contact North York Seniors Centre to learn about their events, classes and workshops that are held at their Active Living Centre. The Active Living Centre offers a number of classes in their fitness centre to help you get exercise including Pilates, Zumba, and dancing classes.

Lumacare also has a Healthier Living Centre (HLC) for individuals 55+ who want to be physically active and fit which include a walking club, group fitness classes and educational classes and workshops.

Toronto Parks “Get With The Program” – 13 older adult centres across the city

Circle of Care – Falls Prevention & Exercise Classes

The Waterfront Neighbourhood Centre “a wide range of programs specifically designed for older adults. WNC is proud to be recognized as an official Seniors Active Living Centre by the Province of Ontario”

Variety Village – Active Aging CLub

ESS Support Services Exercise Programs around the city

ConnectABILITY – Community Supports for Older Adults – scroll down for a list of community centres and exercise programs across the GTA

University Settlement designated an Elderly Persons Centre in 2009

Exercise and Falls Prevention Programs – Toronto Central Health with detailed lists of numerous programs across the city

The City of Toronto’s “The FUN Guide” is also a great place to learn what programs are available to you in North York. Get started on Falls Prevention to keep yourself healthier and independent for longer!

And there is much more…

Stop by your local community centre to ask if they have any information, workshops or events on falls prevention or exercise for seniors or pop into any one of Mosaic’s community resource centres in Markham and Toronto.

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