Nordixx Pole Walking at Mosaic

March 24, 2015 in Events, Health and exercise |


On a hectic afternoon in early March, the Mosaic community was excited to bring in Greg Bellamy and Anne-Marie from Nordixx Pole Walking Canada for a presentation and demonstration on pole-walking, and its benefits at our Markham office.

With the sun shining, the snow slowly creeping away, and spring just around the corner the Nordixx Pole Walking presentation was fitting. Is there a better way to kick off the start of spring after a long, cold winter, than talking about exercise?

During Greg’s presentation and demonstration he touched base on all of the amazing benefits of pole walking which he called the “smarter way to walk.” Pole walking Greg said is the fastest growing sport/activity around the world, with more and more people getting used to it. With its origins in cross country skiing, as a way for athletes to train during the offseason, pole walking has a lot of benefits, with more being discovered all the time. The reason for the health benefits comes from the poles adjusting posture, and working upper body muscles. Using the poles forces your upper body to work with your lower body by pushing down on the poles, forcing your upper body muscles to contract, and your posture straight up. How big of a difference do the poles make? Regular walking uses about 50% of our muscles, by just adding the poles, you increase that number to 90%! Not only do you work more muscles than regular walking but you burn 30% more calories. Studies on pole walking also show the activity can help rebuild bone density, diminish neck and back pain, and have less impact on your knees. Greg’s presentation revealed the simplicity, and the amazing amount of benefits that go with pole walking.

Mosaic is proud to have Nordixx Pole Walking return at our Toronto Office on the afternoon of Thursday March 26th for an encore presentation. If you missed our presentation contact us today to register for this event! Mosaic is also going to be hosting a “Pole Walking Club” in the summer months to help us get in and stay in shape (Poles or no poles, all are welcome to attend!). With spring around the corner, now is the time to start getting fit!

Anne-Marie & Greg Bellamy of Nordixx Pole Walking, with Jane and Kevin from Mosaic, along with some of the attendees.

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