Mosaic Pet Appreciation Month–More Entries Please


Share your Stories and Photos with us!

This January Mosaic is showing our appreciation for our beloved pets! As companions, family members and best friends, pets play an important part in our lives. They help keep us healthy and reduce our stress. For all the positive things that our pets do for us, we want to take the time to appreciate them. Share with us your stories and photos with your pets. How has your pet had a positive impact on your life? Can you recall a time that your pet helped you through a tough time? Mosaic will combine and share all the photos and stories we receive throughout the month. Here are a few photos we have already received!


Jane Teasdale takes time away from Mosaic to relax with her dog Bella over the Christmas Holidays.


Opie, a friend of Mosaic’s Kevin, looks a little shy before having his photo taken!

Show your appreciation for your pets with us this January by sharing a photo and/or story with Mosaic! Send your submissions to Kevin at kevin@mosaichomecare.com. Mosaic will be sharing photos and stories on our website, Twitter and Facebook page as we receive them, so be on the lookout throughout the month!

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