Modern Day Classics at The Bay Queen Street–Tuesday 3 December

December 9, 2013 in Community, Events |

In a world where too many are focussed on immediacy, we forget what is staring us in the face.  There are many connections everyone can make on a daily basis with an everlasting thread, and that thread is community.

the bay dec 2013

Last Tuesday saw me downtown at The Bay on Queen for a lovely event called “Modern Day Classics”; this is usually a fashioned focussed free program for the community that also provides guest presentations (for example the Royal Ontario Museum). 

That day two ladies were chosen from the audience, one was given hairstyling by Kimberly Irwin and her assistant from Haircuts on Wheels, and the other was given a “make-up” make-over by the Estee Lauder girls from The Bay. 

Penny and Mary Jane from the Bay also had their regular stint talking about the latest fashions, and this one focussed on the holiday season. 

This is another way that companies can connect with their customers in a community setting.  A special thank you to The Bay for showing leadership.

While I was downtown, I could not resist an amble past the The Bay’s Christmas windows and snapped a few shots to got me into the holiday spirit.   I used to go every year with my parents and as I got older this became part of a tradition with my own children.  Every time I see the winter windows it brings back memories.




If you have time before Christmas I urge you to take your loved one, grandchildren, lover husband or wife to have a look at these windows and then go and visit the wonderful Distillery District featuring the Lowes Christmas Market which is decorated for the holiday season. 


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