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March 2, 2016 in Health and exercise |

Recent studies have shown just how important social connections are to our health.

A few news articles have even suggested that having strong social bonds are as important to our health as exercise and diet! The study done by the University of North Carolina looked at social connections at different stages in life, measuring key factors like blood pressure and body mass index. It found that the stronger a person’s social connections the better their overall health. Isolation and weak social connections are bad for our overall health.

Seniors in particular are prone to isolation. As the cold of winter starts to fade away and we enter spring let’s use this opportunity to forge new connections and make new friends. Here are a few ideas to help create and strengthen social bonds with friends and family, new and old:

1. Find a Hobby

Hobbies are a great way to make new friends or strengthen older bonds. Try and find a new hobby to immerse yourself in or rediscover an old hobby of yours that you used to love. Try and recruit your current friends to join you. You can also find groups or clubs that share your hobby and meet new friends.

2. Join a Community Centre/Social Club

Get a membership at your local community centre or social club. These places are great ways to make new friends and try new things. They offer a number of events that you can attend to make new friends or see with your friends and family. You can go a step further and volunteer at these events to meet members in the community and help in the organization of these events.

3. Strengthen the Bonds You Already Have

Take time to strengthen your social bonds with friends and family. Gather your friends and visit the ROM. Get the family together over dinner and board games. Try something new with your friends and family members. Share stories, share experiences, laugh together and grow the friendships and bonds you already have.

This spring use the warm weather to create and reinforce your social connection with people in your life. Mosaic Home Care offers free community events and community resource centre’s where you can find clubs and community centres. Get out there and socialize this spring. It’s good for your health!

If you need help on what’s available in your area why not come visit one of our community resource centres…..

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