Keep the Poppies flying: How do you Remember on Remembrance Day?

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As October turns into November, and the yellows, reds and oranges of autumn continue to slowly fade away, one flower grows. The red poppy that symbolizes the memory of the brave who died fighting for us grows while other plants fade away for the winter.

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As Remembrance Day comes, how do you remember the actions of those that paid the ultimate sacrifice?

Do you volunteer your time?

Do you attend one of the ceremonies?

Do you wear a poppy and talk to a few veterans?

Do you stand up daily, in much smaller ways, for our rights and freedoms, so that the greater sacrifices that have been made by those we honour are not lost? 

Here are a few ideas to help honour Remembrance Day.

Find out if there are any local Remembrance Day ceremonies being held in your community to attend and show your appreciation for those who gave the ultimate sacrifice on Remembrance Day.

If you have the opportunity you can volunteer for any events that are happening in your community for Remembrance Day. Find out if your local community centre, church or elementary or high school is having a ceremony for Remembrance Day and find out how you can be a part of it.

If you cannot volunteer for the ceremony, you can also ask to see if you can attend their community ceremony and pay tribute that way. Local community agencies, like a community centre, a church or a school are an easy way to volunteer or attend any Remembrance Day ceremonies and pay your respects.

Every year Toronto hosts a special ceremonies for Remembrance Day. You can find a number of Remembrance Day ceremonies that are happening all over the city. These ceremonies are a terrific way to be a part of Remembrance Day, hosted in civic centres across Toronto, at Old City Hall and Fort York as well. Going to one of these ceremonies offers a great opportunity to meet, and thank veterans personally. If you have the opportunity to attend a ceremony hosted by the city, it is a great opportunity to meet veterans, and attend a larger Remembrance Day ceremony to show your appreciation and respect to those who fought for us. Today Kimberly Davies from Mosaic Home Care Services & Community Resource Centre will be attending the Amica at Bayview Retirement Residence and Jane Teasdale one of the principal owners of Mosaic will be attending the ceremony at Shepherd Village Retirement Home. Mount Pleasant Cemetery in-between Davisville and St. Clair will also be hosting a ceremony in the cemetery grounds.

Finally the easiest way to show your appreciation and respect is to wear a poppy and continue the conversation. Find a location that sells poppies, make a donation and wear the poppy proud! Wear your poppy to show support, appreciation and respect to all those who fought for us, and for all of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. I like to get my poppies from veterans who sell them in malls or events. This way I can talk to the veterans that are selling poppies, and give them my personal thanks. Every year, veterans appreciate the thanks and conversation that I bring when I buy my poppy. You can also share the conversation with others, by talking about how to show your respect to veterans, and continuing the conversation for generations to come.

Take your time to show your support and admiration for those who served and continue to serve us in the military. Members of our armed forces, both past and present have sacrificed, and continue to sacrifice for us. This November, take the time to wear your poppy proud, and pay respect to those who have given up so much for all of us.


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