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Welcome to Jane’s GTA Cafe and my first post.

As I look out of my condo, overlooking the cityscape of Toronto, I think to myself; “we are truly blessed to be living in such a wonderful dynamic city, with so many different communities scattered across the GTA.”

It is Labour Day and families are coming home from cottages or busily organizing their school or work bags for the return to study and work.  This is the last day of relaxation with your family or loved one before we are thrown back into schedules, meetings, phone calls and homework. 

What is the aim of my blog? 

I meet a lot of people as part of my job. I go to a lot of community events and I organise a lot of community events. I see a lot of Toronto from the street up.  I also get to see a lot of life as it moves through its various shades of colour and vibrancy. 

Yes this is my job, but it is also my life, your life and the life of the city.  I hope to capture some of this “beating heart” as I move through my day to bring you insights and information that will broaden your perspective and bring everyone closer to each of our communities. 

We all have our daily humdrum, but as I interact with the community, its health, with seniors, family and people in need of care of all ages, I hope to bring you that which is vital and unique, simple or otherwise.  

I also hope to feature guest bloggers, to draw out insight and perspective on a wider variety of topics that I alone could not hope to deliver. 

I am fortunate to be in an industry that I love and working alongside a business partner I can rely on and who gives me the freedom to interact with this great city at its level.

So, here is to the next cup of coffee at some Cafe or community event in the GTA. 

Jane Teasdale

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