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September 15, 2013 in Community |

I just wanted to say a few words about volunteering and in particular Isabella Ferrara (President of SAVI).  Events like the SAVI Seniorsfest event noted in my earlier post do not happen on their own.  They happen because of the effort of a great many volunteers.

Isabelle herself is a role model for the type of involvement we need to encourage in today’s world, so that we can enjoy more events like Seniorsfest that cross the age and the cultural divide.  We are all one and the same, young and old, and whatever our culture and traditions we are not that different, after all is said and done.

A very good write up on Isabelle can be found in the Vaughan Citizen in a 25 October 2012 article.

“I have been volunteering since grade school. I remember sock hops in the gym and helping out with events in the library,” she said. Now, many years later, she dedicates her time to the cause of seniors and the objective of bringing various and diverse seniors groups together under the SAVI umbrella.  “There are 18 different seniors groups that belong to SAVI,” she said talking about Italian, Chinese, South Asian, Russian, Jewish, and the latest group, a Macedonian seniors club. “We are all seniors, all going through the same thing,” she said.

Isabelle also came to Mosaic Home Care’s Resource Centre in May for a lunch and tour and was quite impressed by what we are offering to the community.


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