Important News Update: Mosaic Homecare Services & Elizabeth Gray Compassionate Care Inc.

June 26, 2017 in Mosaic Updates |

We would like to formally announce to the general public, community partners, client families and others who know and work with Mosaic that we have recently taken under our growing wings Elizabeth Gray of Elizabeth Gray Compassionate Care, her clients and families and caregivers.

Elizabeth Gray came to us in January of this year, after some 15 years of running her own business, with a view to Mosaic taking over responsibility for the management and care of her client families.

We were very pleased that Elizabeth had chosen Mosaic, a company that she believed shared similar values to those that she had herself instilled in the running of her business. We likewise feel that we share a very special and common bond with Elizabeth, in particular with respect to the human values which defined her own business.

From EGCC’s website: “We are a PSW and companion caregiver agency who understands the need for professional and competent levels of care, as well as the importance of connecting with others with warmth, a hug, a smile and a gentle touch. Such simple gestures of heartfelt care and appreciation can truly do wonders and are more needed than most realize.”

We know that Elizabeth spent a lot of time with the families and people under her care, going at times far more than the extra mile. We hope that we can live up to those same expectations. We therefore welcome her families and her caregivers to the Mosaic family, a family with similarly shared passionately held values.

Elizabeth will continue to remain close to those families that she has entrusted to our care and to those caregivers who have looked after those families, in many instances, for a great number of years. This is very much a part of the transition arrangements. Elizabeth will also be working part time within Mosaic helping us in a few roles as needed. So, for those who have worked with Elizabeth Gray over the last decade or more, please remain in contact.

At a later date we would like to get Elizabeth to provide us with biographical highlights of her life in the homecare industry, how she got involved, some important moments and other reflections on her own values and experiences.

While the change will mean a transition to different ways of doing things for many, certain things will stay the same: these are our jointly held beliefs that the person and the lives of the people we look after lie at the heart of everything.

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