Happy Social Work Week 2014 to all those whose profession is critical in helping society overcome its most vital and personal of challenges.

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Social Work Week (SWW) was established by the Canadian Association of Social Workers (CASW) in March 1990 to recognize the contribution of social workers across the country. Each year a different theme is selected to serve as a focus for activities within the profession and promotion of the role of social work with the public. In Ontario, SWW is held during the first week of March.”

While the early roots of social work in Canada may indeed be found in charitable work for the poor, today, as our society ages, social workers are becoming an increasingly present and ever more important part of our social fabric, helping us deal with and manage this significant social change and national challenge.  And this ties up rather neatly with the with this year’s theme “Social Workers: Champions of Positive Change”. 

I was at Toronto Rehab today and picked up this fact sheet on social workers from the resource centre at this site.

What is social Work?

Social workers help people deal with the day-today problems that reduce the ability to cope and function at an optimal level in personal and family relationships, at work, at school and in the community.  Social workers focus on the social and emotional as well as economic factors that contribute to overall health and social well being

The social work profession is regulated under provincial legislation in Ontario.  The initials “RSW” (Registered Social Worker) after a person’s name indicate that they belong to the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers and have the legal right to refer to themselves as a social worker. 

Template provided by the Ontario Association of Social Workers, wwwoasw.org.

And Wayne Maclean from Toronto East General provided me their In General newsletter which had a section dedicated to social workers – Champions of Positive Change.“

TEGH Social Workers recognize patients and families are struggling with systemic changes.  We continue to maintain the role as a mediator between the evolving healthcare system and the increasing needs of the people we serve.  We actively participate on committees and partnership counsels to be a voice of vulnerable individuals and to endorse that Social Work intervention can provide a catalyst for positive change.

Lest not forget the many social workers that work in the heart of the community to help families and individuals in need of support or support groups.   Some of the wonderful agencies that provide that support are:  Circle of Care, Transcare, North York Seniors Centre, Downsview Services for Seniors, Bernard Betel Centre, Baycrest and also individuals running Geriatric Elder Care Consulting Firms such as Elder Caring Inc. or Iris Consulting for Seniors.”

Thank you again to all the social workers out there helping families. Thank you for your hard work, your commitment and unwavering strength.

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