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September 17, 2013 in Daily links |

How Safe are Elderly and Disabled People in Assisted Living Programs? While this is an article on a California study the lessons are important.  

Seniors urged to fight loneliness after survey finds isolation to be biggest concern – there is a role here for homecare companies.   This is one of the issues we like to address when we meet with clients and one of the reasons we are heavily involved in the community.

Getting to grips with the needs of older people (The Health Foundation):

There comes a time in your life when you start to get preoccupied about what the world looks like for older people, profoundly hoping it will get better before you have to experience it for yourself. “

Future hospital: Caring for medical patients – A report from the Future Hospital Commission to the Royal College of Physicians September 2013 – referenced from the above post (The Health Foundation)

When Nona, Grandma, Bubby Don’t Recognize Me (Elder Caring blog)

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