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September 13, 2013 in Daily links |

Living to 109, gerontologist Sister Constance Murphy was a whirlwind of energy (Globe & Mail)

Alliance for Aging Research Keeps Seniors Healthy Longer (A Place for Mom)

Sensors Help Keep the Elderly Safe, and at Home (New York Times)

Why we’ll go an extra mile for our friends… and for the success of humans as a species (UK Daily Mail)

Selflessness can be attractive to a potential mate (University of Nottingham UK)

Older drinkers may experience fewer hangovers due to less intense drinking – See more at: (Stone Hearth News)

 Are Seniors the Vanguard of American Yoga? (Counter Punch)

Hundreds of thousands of elderly people were abused last year (UK Guardian)

Social engagement can protect community-dwelling elderly from depression (2007 study from the Journal of Aging and Health)

“Social engagement levels appear to have a significant protective effect against depression in the elderly who are not already depressed. Even after factors associated with social engagement such as marital status and chronic conditions are taken into account, those seniors who remain connected to their communities through volunteer work, or social and leisure activities are less likely to become depressed. Clinically, these results suggest that social engagement might be a target for interventions in elderly care programs.”

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