Pictures & a Testimonial from Mosaic’s Winter Holiday Celebration–Special Guest Ori Dagan and

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Here are some pictures from our Winter Holiday Celebration headlined by Ori Dagan. “Award-winning jazz singer, songwriter and recording artist Ori Dagan is taking jazz to new and exciting places. His rich baritone voice and impressive abilities as an improviser produce an instantly recognizable sound. In live performance, he surrounds himself with Canada’s finest musicians, […]

Traditions – New and Old

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December seems to be the month many traditions are carried out, not only because of religious beliefs, but also because the kids are out of school and there are statutory holidays so most everyone has a few days off work to gather with friends and family. And, of course, the retailers remind us daily starting […]


Happy Holiday Season from Everyone at Mosaic!

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Over the past few weeks Mosaic has been spreading the holiday spirit in the community. Jane Teasdale and Dina Campeis have been travelling to different organizations and groups providing refreshments and photo-ops. Heather leads attendees at the Holiday Festive Tea at the Markham Community Resource Centre. At both of Mosaic’s Community Resource Centre’s, Mosaic was […]


Lianne Harris explored the stories & symbols of Christmas

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Mosaic offered me a wonderful opportunity to explore with its guests a 1-hour presentation on Christmas: Stories & Symbols on November 25th, 2016. We looked at the roots of the Christian tradition of Christmas, understood how the pagan elements in Scandinavian, Germanic and Celtic cultures were fused into this creating our current full array of […]


Slides from our upcoming OSCO presentation showing our community outreach programs designed to encourage social interaction and education

In case you are unable to attend this Thursday’s OSCO’s Overcoming Loneliness and Social Isolation Symposium, where I will be speaking, here is a sneak preview of some my slides showing some of the events held at our resource centres over the last two years and a number of other guests: 


Spare a thought for those who need help at this time of the year

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As the busy world around us slows down for a few days during the holiday season it is important that we remember that there are people who are less fortunate then we are. When we reunite with our friends and family, some who we haven’t seen in months or years, remember that there will be […]


Holiday Tea Open House this December and info on Foot Care clinics for the New Year!

Mosaic Home Care Services took a huge leap forward this past September with the opening of its second office in Mid-Town at the CNIB Centre. As 2014 comes to an end and we enter 2015, Mosaic is excited to begin hosting events regularly at the CNIB. For those interested in attending events in 2015 at […]


What‘s up this December in Toronto?

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Mosaic Home Care Services is happy to give the Mosaic community our December edition of our “A Tour of our Wonderful City” activity booklet! December is a time where everything moves either very fast, or very slow with the holiday season. With the chaos, and the hustle and bustle of Christmas that comes with gift […]


Healthy eating never more important than during the December Holiday period…

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We are moving into holiday season where many tend to over indulge.  Maintaining a balanced and healthy diet at this time of the year is especially important.  I thought it appropriate to pass on some healthy eating ideas from Cathy Pearson at Mackenzie Health.  Below is a blog post written by Kevin Lopes around Canadian […]


Back to work….

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Two weeks off work finally ends on Monday..but what a start to the holidays…. On Sunday 22nd December we travelled to Westfield New Jersey….Westfield I believe is close to Soprano land…..

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