Brain Boost Boogie Event

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In late November, Mosaic Home Care Services and Sunrise Senior Living Richmond Hill hosted a “Brain Boost Boogie” at St. Matthew’s Church in Richmond Hill. This boogie event was a mix of games and food that were healthy for both the body and the mind. Jane Teasdale of Mosaic Home Care Services provided rich and […]


Healthy eating never more important than during the December Holiday period…

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We are moving into holiday season where many tend to over indulge.  Maintaining a balanced and healthy diet at this time of the year is especially important.  I thought it appropriate to pass on some healthy eating ideas from Cathy Pearson at Mackenzie Health.  Below is a blog post written by Kevin Lopes around Canadian […]


Hands off our gold

Posted by admin on February 23, 2014 in Good causes, Health & Nutrition, Music and healing |

And another post from Morwenna Given: BIOPIRACY? Hands off our gold! Gold, Egyptian gold, that is what Nestle, a corporate multinational, is trying to control contrary to international and national patent law.


What did the Cradle of Civilisation eat?

Posted by admin on February 23, 2014 in Health & Nutrition, Health and exercise |

Another guest post from Morwenna Given, a medical herbalist, this time on diet.  Most things you read about diet tend to be a few quick magic bullet points intended to sell magazines, but this I think you will find interesting:  WHAT DID THE CRADLE OF CIVILISATION EAT? At this time of the year after the […]


Sardines are the way to go!

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We have been eating sardines because they have been recommended for my son’s diet: he has been recovering from mono.  But I realized just how easy and nutritious sardines can be.

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