CALLING ALL KNITTERS! By our roving knitting reporter Dina Campeis

May 23, 2018 in Events |


We are excited to be a host site for the World Wide Knit in Public (WWKIP) Day on June 9th!


Let it be said right from the start that I don’t knit. It’s not that I don’t want to, it’s just that I find it difficult to count stitches and relax at the same time and that stresses me out! I did knit a baby blanket for my best friend’s first child. Thankfully, babies don’t know when a square blanket isn’t really a square and when there are dropped stitches. That was 25 years ago.

More recently, I tried to knit a dish cloth. Much easier than a blanket as there were not so many stitches to count and again, the final shape doesn’t really matter. The unfinished dish cloth is in a bag in the back of my closet where it has sat for almost two years. I only have a few rows left. I’m hoping someone will show me how to cast off when we meet for – wait for it…


We are excited to be a host site for the World Wide Knit in Public (WWKIP) Day on June 9th!

This is a worldwide event that started in 2005 and has grown to cover all continents! Just looking at all the 2018 knit in public locations and names is interesting. Mosaic’s Sit & Knit name pales in comparison to Newfoundland’s Purl with Pints and South Africa’s Chicks with Sticks, but I’m sure ours will be a great party!

WWKIP Day started as a way to get knitters together to meet and socialize. Knitting, like other forms of needlework and art are often done on one’s own. There are many knitters who create and donate their projects to various agencies but never have the chance to meet each other.

What a great opportunity to start a new project! Or, better yet, pull out that bag with your half-finished project and bring that with you. If you need an idea, how about knitting a square for the kittens at the local Humane Society or try a Twiddlemuff to donate to those living with dementia. Neither of these projects require a lot of skill and the recipients would be most appreciative.

Perhaps I will try one of these. Because, really, do I need another dish cloth?

If you know an older adult who used to knit or crochet and has stopped because they have no one to knit for, this would be the perfect outing for a few hours. A chance to look at what others are doing, and maybe get an idea for a new project. While we won’t have any instructors, I am confident that there will be many who will offer to ‘teach’ those who need help. A chance to learn, teach, share, enjoy and laugh. Who wouldn’t want all of this in one event?

We are inviting people of all ages and abilities to join us for a fun filled event and a chance to get to know fellow needleworkers. This event supports our belief that being active in the community contributes to staying healthy.

The Shops on Steeles and 404 has generously offered space in the mall for this indoor event. Mosaic will be providing refreshments in our Community Resource Centre and will be on hand to offer help to those looking for community information.

RSVP now to help us meet our goal of 100 knitters!

Saturday, June 9th

10:30am – 1:00pm

Shops on Steeles and 404 (2900 Steeles Avenue East)


For more information:

RSVP – 905.597.7000 or

Toronto Knitters Guild – a resource for yarn stores, events and programs:


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