Brain Boost Boogie Event

In late November, Mosaic Home Care Services and Sunrise Senior Living Richmond Hill hosted a “Brain Boost Boogie” at St. Matthew’s Church in Richmond Hill.

This boogie event was a mix of games and food that were healthy for both the body and the mind. Jane Teasdale of Mosaic Home Care Services provided rich and healthy dark chocolate as well as brain stimulating activities, while Karen from Sunrise Senior Living Richmond Hill provided yummy “Sunrise smoothies”. With a focus on fun brain stimulating games and tasty foods and healthy foods, attendees were left with satisfied taste buds, and a stimulated brain.

As attendees trickled into their seats, they found two sets of crosswords, and five different cards with pictures of famous people from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s. The crosswords were of different difficulty and some of the attendees began to quickly start searching for words. Others walked around the different tables identifying the different portraits of old musicians, actors, and politicians, taking turns answering questions on the back of the individual cards. Once the tables were full, Jane led the group in activities, which included finding alternate things that random objects could be. In one example, Jane took and old hat, that could also be a flower pot, a cereal bowl, or a Frisbee. The point of the activity was to get people to use their minds to find creative alternatives to the object they had. After Jane led the activity, dark chocolate was handed out and she explained the benefits of eating dark chocolate – in moderation of course!

Once Jane was finished, Karen from Sunrise Senior Living in Richmond Hill had presented the group with “Sunrise smoothies”. With her two helpers Roger and Nicole, Karen from Sunrise handed out their smoothies to everyone. As the crowd began to enjoy their tasty smoothies made by Roger and Nicole, Nicole stood in front of the crowd and began to explain the ingredients and their benefits. With spinach (improves skin and hair), blueberries (antioxidants, improves memory), raspberries (more enzymes, helps with obesity), strawberries (high in vitamins and nutrients) and blackberries (rich in bioflavonoids) the “Sunrise smoothie” was a concoction that not only tasted great, but had a lot of health benefits. Following the smoothie the boogie came to an end with attendees left with satisfied stomachs and boosted brains.

Attendees from St. Matthew’s church were left satisfied and with the educated. Their brains got a workout from the activities and games that were played, and their taste buds satisfied! It’s important to keep our brains and our body’s healthy, through exercise and healthy food and is important in living fulfilling lives! So go out and find activities that stimulate your mind and learn some healthy, easy recipes to keep your mind fuelled!

Kevin Lopes of Mosaic Home Care Services Inc

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