A Day in the Life of Martha Miller, our Client Services Liaison

September 4, 2014 in Client services, Lifestyle Services |

Martha has been with us pretty much from day one and is an experienced and vital member of our special services unit delivering client liaison and lifestyle service content to our Mosaic Club Members.  Martha is based at our Toronto office at the CNIB Centre.

We believe that homecare is much more than “homecare” since it encompasses the whole person and the family unit.  To be able to deliver service to this wider perspective we have dedicated an experienced member of our team to the important role of client services liaison and lifestyle services.  

The following provides an important insight into Martha’s role, in her own words:

I have the best position at Mosaic – going out to meet the clients and caregivers working together! My role is to provide support and a positive influence between clients, their families, Mosaic employees, and Mosaic as an organization. The Liaison role helps to maintain relationships and overall quality of care that our clients and employees deserve. I also want to ensure we are fulfilling our philosophy of providing the highest quality of care out in the industry. We strive to stand out in the community and truly make a difference in the lives of our clientele!

My role outside the office is to perform regular “Home Visits” with the client (and ideally with caregiver) and oversee that all duties are being followed through and the client and caregiver have a healthy and positive working relationship. Mosaic takes pride in our time spent on finding a suitable match for each client and caregiver.

While out on my visits, questions are asked to the client / representative as well as caregiver and observations are made, for completion of a thorough, accurate and confidential reporting system. I want to make sure that goals are being met for short and long term development. I record the information given on what may be missing in the plan of care.

Some examples of my assistance provided have been – expanding on clients’ interests / hobbies delivering Mosaic’s “Activity Kits” to clients residences for stimulating games and activities, providing names and numbers for assisted devices/medical equipment, referral agencies and community resources, support groups (Alzheimers,Parkinsons,Palliative,Cancer etc.) and bringing health and safety related issues to the attention of family members.

I take time to introduce our new booklet, “Meaning of Me™” This booklet allows me to get to know the client on a more personal level – their past career, childhood memories, family, friends and pets, travels and much more. It’s a conversational link to the past and present meant for all working with this unique individual.

I also do my best in providing caregiver and client introductions to create ease and comfort for the initial ‘meet and greet.’ This also gives me a chance to collect any additional information or follow up on an unaddressed issue. Client is provided with Mosaic’s ‘Care Plan Binder’ for documentation purposes for caregivers. Tasks and duties are clearly outlined for caregivers in the assignments. Caregiver’s communication is crucial for the team working with the individual for whom we have been hired to assist and support.

We, at Mosaic, want to make sure that clients’ needs are identified, met and adjusted as needed. I make myself available for all communications by telephone, email or in person to promptly address any concerns or feedback from clients, caregivers and/or family members regarding our services. I love working in partnership with everyone involved in the care of each client. This includes the Director of Care and staff of facilities, members of the health care team in charge of client’s wellness and, most importantly, families. I want to make sure that the Client Services team as well as our caregiving team, is aware of all of the current information collected during my visits and documented in our system. Positive working relationships can only help better our quality of care!

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