A chance for the community to find out what Community Care Access (CCAC) provides?

February 3, 2016 in Community, Events |

On Thursday, January 21st, 2016, Mosaic Home Care Services had Central CCAC come into our Community Resource Centre in Markham to provide our community with an opportunity to find out what services CCAC could provide them with, as well as answer any questions that they had.


Inna has the community’s attention as she describes CCAC’s services.

Inna and Oksana from CCAC spent a good portion of the afternoon describing the services, clarifying roles, and answering questions. The community found the presentation very informative and was glad that Central CCAC was able to clarify how things work and that they were available to answer questions.

During their presentation, Inna and Oksana from Central CCAC informed our community of the number of services CCAC can help provide. They described to us the important role of care coordinators as the gate keepers and coordinators of care for patients. As a patient looking for care from CCAC Inna and Oksana made it clear that good, clear communication between a patient and their case manager is important in providing the best care. They describe the process of getting an assessment to receiving care, what & how assisted living works, how people can apply for telehomecare, as well as how patients can apply and be put on a waiting list to get into a long-term care facility. After describing their services, Inna and Oksana spent the rest of their time answer questions from the community, as well as clarifying things people misunderstood about CCAC.

Mosaic carries a variety of literature on CCAC and what they can do for seniors in our Community Resource Centers. If you are looking for brochures and information on CCAC and what they can provide you with, make a visit to one of our Community Resource Centers where Mosaic staff can give you those brochures, as well as help you find other organizations and services that you may need. Mosaic’s Community Resource Centre’s are the perfect place to start educating yourself on the organizations and services that are available to you!


Inna, Jane, Oksana and Mala take a minute to pose for a picture.

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