Person Centered Health Care–Some additional defining thoughts with respect to Mosaic’s Presentation at the European Society For Person Centered Health Care’s 4th Annual Conference

Certainly, for us, looking more deeply at person centered care has allowed us to look beyond standard models of care, and their assessment processes, to areas that may also have impact with respect to the client’s physical and mental well being to greater extent; addressing typically “non care” areas, for older adults where complex care needs impact being, may well be of critical importance to the person in raising the quality of life otherwise achieved from outcomes limited to nursing and personal supports.

Should putting the person first and foremost at the heart of interactions involving personal support, nursing and medical care decisions be anything but an interaction of central importance to the care relationship?  The recently formed (2014) European Society for Personal Centered Health Care, whose annual conference we will be presenting at this Friday, thinks so and frames its person centered context thus:

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27 October, London, England: Mosaic will be presenting on the importance of the person at the centre of the community focused home care model!

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The “Meaning of Me®” For Those In Need of Home Care


“What do older people with high physical and mental support needs say they want and value in their lives?”

This question was posed by a 2011 Joseph Rowntree Association report “A Better Life – What older people with high support needs value”.  It made some key observations some of which I note below.

“older disabled people are generally still viewed through the “medical model” (in which the focus is on the impairment) and the discourse is one of dependence, care, dignity, frailty and pity…. The focus has been on their needs in relation to services, rather than their broader aspirations in relation to their lives.”

“All of us, regardless of age, need opportunities to show others who we are and to feel good about ourselves… many older people with dementia want and are able to tell us about their views and experiences, even if they are confused about some factual details of their lives.”

To date the private and public home care service model has largely been built around the delivery of personal support and to a lesser extent medical assistance.  Clearly this is a very important base, but it fails to address personal, social and emotional needs, desires and objectives of the individual.

How can firms develop a more complete model of care?  Well there are a number of things they can do.

They can set out to find out more about the individual’s life history, interests, hobbies, challenges, wishes interests and values within a framework and medium that engages the individual, care givers and family in an ongoing conversation.  As a firm, we have developed and instituted a personalized conversation framework, “The Meaning of Me®”, around which we deliver lifestyle services and activities.

Mosaic has been asked to present on its unique Person Centred Care Service, “The Meaning of Me®”, at the European Society for Person Centered Health Care’s Fourth Annual Conference and Awards Ceremony in London UK 26th and 27th October 2017. 

Jane Teasdale, Business Development Director and Principal Owner will deliver the talk “The Meaning of Me®”.  A Canadian blueprint for addressing the complex whole that is the person at the centre of the community based home care services model.


World Alzheimer’s Day–21 September

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This is a late post for World Alzheimer’s Day: it was ready to go but my service provider, for some reason, would not post the World Alzheimer’s Day logo that was included.  So apologies but tech issue got in the way.

Every September 21st is World Alzheimer’s Day across the globe. On World Alzheimer’s Day organizations around the world do their part in raising awareness about Alzheimer’s and dementia. This year Mosaic is doing its part by inviting the community into our Community Resource Centres to pick up free information on Alzheimer’s. Stop by one of Mosaic’s Community Resource Centres to discover what information we have!

Mosaic has a variety of information about Alzheimer’s and dementia available to the community. We have a number of brochures from the Alzheimer Society including information specific to our partners at the Alzheimer Society of York Region and the Alzheimer Society Toronto. You can also pick up a flyer of our First Link® Memory Café and Memory Café that are starting up next week. Mosaic’s Memory Café’s offer a place where people who are interested in memory loss or have early on-set dementia can learn about dementia in a place free of any stigma’s. For caregivers, Mount Sinai Hospital offers dementia support programs from the Joseph Joel Reitman Centre. If you are interested in learning about Alzheimer’s and dementia stopping by one of our Community Resource Centres is a great way to start by picking up information from the Alzheimer Society to review.

Mosaic also carries information on other organizations and services for people with dementia and their caregivers. Not only does Mosaic carry an assortment of information from the Alzheimer Society but we also carry information from other organizations like Memory & Company, Toronto Memory Program, and the Dotsa Bitove Wellness Academy that offer services for people with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Among these great organizations Mosaic also has brochures on day programs that are available to people around the GTA.

With World Alzheimer’s Day here you can participate by learning about the disease. Stopping by Mosaic’s Community Resource is a great way to start!

The Alzheimer Society Toronto & Alzheimer Society of York Region Welcomes you to this Fall’s Memory Cafe events featured at Mosaic!

Welcome to a cafe style environment geared towards people diagnosed with Early Alzheimer’s disease and/or related dementias, their Care Partners as well as those who worry about memory problems. The cafes provide a friendly atmosphere where people can socialize and share experiences over a cup of coffee or tea/refreshments.

The “café environment” idea was pioneered by Dr. Bére Miesen, a Dutch clinical psychologist in 1997, with his key message:

“Do not hide away – come and participate with us, in this safe [AC] space, and in society and life as much as you can. You did not ask to get dementia, and it could happen to any of us. Here we understand – and want to talk about it and learn to live with it.”[1]

According to Dr. Marco Blom “an AC is much more than a social gathering. Its purpose is to reduce the stigma surrounding dementia by facilitating social contact and providing education about dementia, for everyone affected by and interested in all types of dementia…..topics relating to dementia are presented and discussed knowledgably, sensitively and openly with people with dementia their carers/caregivers

This new program is held in the Mosaic Home Care Community Resource Centre at our Toronto Location at the Canadian National Institute for the Blind. The community space provides a relaxed atmosphere where individuals can socialize, play games, listen to guest speakers, and ask questions in a non-threatening environment. Support staff from the Alzheimer’s Society, social workers and other professionals are there to provide support and guidance.

And, a final word from Toronto “Women’s Brain Health Initiative”: “dementia….it’s not a blemish that you must hide from others or a top secret burden you must carry alone. Rather, let’s face the fact that we need each other in this challenge…..It does not erase who you are or all of the things you’ve done over the years- the parenting, the teaching, the career, your youth, your faith, your identity. Dementia is not you, and that’s a truth we shouldn’t whisper.”

To find out more information on The Memory Café in Toronto contact or call 416-322-6560 and speak with Romina.

Memory Café at Mosaic will run the last Wednesday of each month from 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. call 416-322-7002 for more information. This program is organized by the Alzheimer Society Toronto and partnered with Mosaic Home Care Services & Community Resource Centre.

To find an Alzheimer’s Café in your area: Contact your local Alzheimer Society for Services and information. Alzheimer Society in your area at or call 800-879-4226

To find out more about the First Link®Memory Café in York Region contact or call 888-414-5550 and ask for Jonathan Macri.

First Link ®Memory Café at Mosaic will run the last Tuesday of each month from 1 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. call 905-597-7000 for more information. This program is organized by the Alzheimer Society York Region and partnered with Mosaic Home Care Services & Community Resource Centre.

Jane Teasdale

Director of Business Development & Community Relations


OPEN HOUSE Thursday 24 August: Learn About Our Community Events: Mosaic’s Community Resource Centres

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JUN2017_Mosaic Open House Flyer_for  Website Blog

Memory Lane Home Living Event: “Lemonade & Butterflies” on August 17th, 2017

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Come and spend an evening with our staff at Memory Lane Home Living and learn why this model is the way of the future for dementia care and the success of this type of model in Europe.

Memory Lane Home Living will be organizing this event called “Lemonade & Butterflies” on August 17th, 2017 from 7p.m. to 9 p.m.

Memory Lane Home Living Inc. is opening a Christian co-operative house in Richmond Hill, Ontario for 5 elderly women with mild dementia who cannot live Safely on their own.  clip_image002

For more information contact 905-237-1419.

More information on Memory Home Living:

Memory Lane Home Living Inc. is a small, private, non-profit home for up to five (5) elderly women with mild dementia who can no longer safely live on their own. These women continue to have their independence in a supervised setting. They participate in everyday living within the home and in the community. We are located in the heart of Richmond Hill, ON and have walking access to parks, churches, community and senior centres, the library, shopping and more.

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Memory Lane Home Living


Memory Lane Home Living Inc. is a small private not-profit home for up to 5 elderly women with mild dementia who can no longer safely live on their own. These women continue to have their independence in a supervised setting. They participate in everyday living with in the home and in the community. We are located in the heart of Richmond Hill, On, and have walking access to parks, churches, community and senior centres, the library, shopping and more.

Using a non-medical model for dementia care from Europe we create a co-housing type of structure where families and their loved ones have a say in their care and experience a sense of community with the other residents and their families. This specific model of care is from Berlin, Germany and is called “Freunde alter Menschen” in partnership with the “Les petits frères des Pauvres” organization originating in France. There are over 300 of these homes successfully operating in Berlin and over 600 of these homes operating in all of Germany for the past 20 years. The success of these “living communities” is the home setting where a small number of residents are given opportunities to feel useful, and they have a small constant reference group which gives them a sense of “belonging” in this dementia journey. Klaus Pawletko, the sociologist who has been in charge of setting up these homes in Berlin believes that these small home environments help to reduce medication and give the families of the elderly “a peace of mind” that their loved one is being well cared for.

At Memory Lane Home Living, we use a person-centred care model and insist that all who volunteer and are part of the in-home support team have training/experience with this model of dementia care. Person centred care is usually achieved in a small setting were the ratio of supervision is low and the emphasis is on relationships. Dr. David Sheard out of the UK believes that relationships are the most important part of dementia care. He would say that in order to develop relationships we have to be able to meet the elderly where they are in their dementia journey. This chapter of their life should be a journey of love, compassion, care and belonging.

For more information please call us at 905-237-1419 or visit our website at www.memorylane

24th August Open House & Statement from Evergreen with respect to its new community partnership with Mosaic Home Care & Community Resource Centres

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Evergreen is delighted to be partnering with MOSAIC to provide counselling and support services in the Thornhill community.  Moving away from their site near Dufferin to MOSAIC, allows Evergreen bereavement clients, caregivers and people with a life-threatening illness, receive counselling and group support in a more central location.

Evergreen hospice Logo

MOSAIC will also host the Thornhill Hospice Palliative Care Team community meetings monthly. MOSAIC already hosts the Healthy Living Now program, which is facilitated by Evergreen volunteers and the Caregiver Support group managed collaboratively by Evergreen and CHATS (Community Home Assistance to Seniors).  The next series will be starting on September 28th and running till November 2nd, 2017.   For more information on this program contact Evergreen 416-499-2185

Evergreen’s bereavement counsellor, Lerryn Pitcher, will be working from the MOSAIC storefront in the Mall a couple of days a week, meeting with local bereaved people, caregivers and those struggling with the impact of a life-threatening illness, who are registered with Evergreen.  Twice a month there will be a Caregiver Support group for clients registered with Evergreen or CHATS (Community Home Assistance to Seniors) who are caring for a loved one or friend, to share the joys and challenges of caregiving. 

Join Mosaic Home Care Services on Thursday, August 24th, 2017 to visit our Community Resource Centre and learn about our upcoming events, including our First Link® Memory Café, Knitting Group, and much more.

Our Open House is also a great opportunity to learn about our upcoming FREE SIX WEEK WORKSHOP facilitated by Evergreen which will be starting on September 28th, 2017 and running to November 2nd. This program will help individuals learn strategies to deal with anxiety and depression, poor quality sleep and dealing with healthcare teams.

All MOSAIC clients who are interested in these programs are welcome to register through Evergreen at 416-499-2185.

Evergreen looks forward to this expansion of their relationship with MOSAIC!

July is here….Mosaic’s Pole Walking Groups Return this Week.

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PoleWalking_3 (2)

July is here and that means Mosaic’s Pole Walking Groups will be starting up again this week! Mosaic is excited to offer the community this fantastic event yet again throughout the summer to help people get into shape and socialize. What are the benefits of Pole Walking? The Huffington Post has a few of the health benefits of Pole Walking in this article. A recent article in The New York Times also shows us how outdoor exercise has a lot of benefits, giving you the perfect excuse to join us every week! Below are some of the details for those interested in attending any of you walks this summer.


Mosaic will be hosting two different Pole Walking Groups this summer, meeting on the same day every week. The first group will be held at our Toronto Office at the CNIB Centre on Thursdays from July until October. While the second group will be held out our Corporate Office at The Shops on Steeles & 404 on Fridays in July & August. The walks at both locations will start at 9:30 a.m. until about 11:00 a.m., after which Mosaic will serve coffee, tea and treats for our pole walkers while they take a much needed rest!

Mosaic’s Pole Walking Groups are great for individuals looking to get regular exercise, want to socialize with other member in the community and that want to try out pole walking before making a purchase. With both groups meeting regularly over the next few weeks these groups are a fantastic place to get regular exercise since the event will run every week. Mosaic Pole Walking Groups are also a great place to socialize. By attending you will be able to meet and chat with other walkers and have the opportunity to create new friendships. Finally, Mosaic’s Pole Walking Group is a great opportunity to learn about Pole Walking, the benefits and most importantly to try out the poles themselves. With Greg Bellamy of Nordixx Pole Walking Canada being a regular community partner at Mosaic you can expect him to stop by a few of our walks to answer questions and have poles available for purchase if you need them.

We hope to see you attend one, a few, or all of our walks this summer! If you would like to know more about our Pole Walking Groups please contact Kevin at Mosaic at 905 – 597 – 7000 or by email at See you on the trails!

Important News Update: Mosaic Homecare Services & Elizabeth Gray Compassionate Care Inc.

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We would like to formally announce to the general public, community partners, client families and others who know and work with Mosaic that we have recently taken under our growing wings Elizabeth Gray of Elizabeth Gray Compassionate Care, her clients and families and caregivers.

Elizabeth Gray came to us in January of this year, after some 15 years of running her own business, with a view to Mosaic taking over responsibility for the management and care of her client families.

We were very pleased that Elizabeth had chosen Mosaic, a company that she believed shared similar values to those that she had herself instilled in the running of her business. We likewise feel that we share a very special and common bond with Elizabeth, in particular with respect to the human values which defined her own business.

From EGCC’s website: “We are a PSW and companion caregiver agency who understands the need for professional and competent levels of care, as well as the importance of connecting with others with warmth, a hug, a smile and a gentle touch. Such simple gestures of heartfelt care and appreciation can truly do wonders and are more needed than most realize.”

We know that Elizabeth spent a lot of time with the families and people under her care, going at times far more than the extra mile. We hope that we can live up to those same expectations. We therefore welcome her families and her caregivers to the Mosaic family, a family with similarly shared passionately held values.

Elizabeth will continue to remain close to those families that she has entrusted to our care and to those caregivers who have looked after those families, in many instances, for a great number of years. This is very much a part of the transition arrangements. Elizabeth will also be working part time within Mosaic helping us in a few roles as needed. So, for those who have worked with Elizabeth Gray over the last decade or more, please remain in contact.

At a later date we would like to get Elizabeth to provide us with biographical highlights of her life in the homecare industry, how she got involved, some important moments and other reflections on her own values and experiences.

While the change will mean a transition to different ways of doing things for many, certain things will stay the same: these are our jointly held beliefs that the person and the lives of the people we look after lie at the heart of everything.

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